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Friday, June 16, 2017

Sometimes it's best to keep your dreams under wraps. Don't always feel compelled to tell your game plan, lest someone tries to dissuade you. There will come a right time.

It was summer time in the mid seventies. I announced I was going to be a Nurse. I remember the very moment the dream was conceived but had to hold onto it until the time was right. My children were five and seven and would start school in the Fall. I took a deep breath as I began a new frontier.

My announcement came with rebuttal, contempt, and argument from the one who should have offered the most support. "This is ridiculous! You have kids to raise and after all, a woman's place is in the home! Besides, HOW do you plan to keep up with your housework? .... ."Not to mention, there's so much competition you would never make it anyway!" (yes, this is verbatim). His final words on the matter were: "I forbid you to do this!"

For a moment I thought I must be in the wrong century. Had I succumbed or fallen into guilt over wanting to make a life for myself and my children ..my dreams would have turned to vapor and this might have been my lot. The eight years of a one way street marriage ended days later. I would enter the unknown alone. A single Mother to two. I never looked back.

Ok maybe a little more modern. But I know my children I would have gone to school; and eventually left home to start their life while I was left pushing a vacuum, squeezing a mop and wringing my hands instead of living my dream which took me to the place high on the hill overlooking the city. Mercy Medical center.

This was my dream and I had a right to pursue it. At a young age, I learned if you want something bad enough GO for it! Jump through fiery hoops if you must, leap over, swim out into the deep, go around, but NEVER back down!! ... Ever!

Yes, 250 people tested and I knew only 30 would be accepted into the program.
That did not intimidate me or stop me! ...
One week later I got my letter of acceptance .....But then more of the unknown: I was called for an interview. I was In the best shape, physically fit, with a lifetime of exercise and good nutrition behind me as well as mentally prepared! What no one told me was when I entered the room, there was a panel of five physicians and two registered nurses. All eyes were on me with fixed stares. One began by asking: " I see you just recently had back surgery. So how is it you think you could be a nurse?" .....Do you think you could handle this kind of work?"

Like the tiger, he never takes his eye off his mark. I maintained eye contact and answered boldly telling why and adding, "I know I can do it, after all, two weeks following surgery I went bowling with no problem and bowled my highest game ever!" ......... His brows lifted and asked, "And how high was your score?" .......I told him and he said "Wow! ... I've never gotten a score that high!" It broke the ice in the room and the others laughed.

The phone call soon a few days later. I had been accepted into the Nursing program.
But now I needed finances. There were books to buy, uniforms needed and more.
I investigated all possible resources.
Then a door opened. A local bank was offering a scholarship through the Soroptimist club but you had to fill out forms, write a personal essay and then interview with a woman at the bank.
Again, she asked "Tell me why you think you will be a good nurse."
Unflinching, I told her from my heart why this meant everything to me.
She said she would get back to me, explaining she had other applicants.
A few days went by and the call came.
I had been awarded the $1500 grant, a lot of money in the 70's.

I had no way of knowing exactly what I would be doing or the particulars.
I only knew the dream called to me and I had to venture out into the unknown.
After graduation, and proving myself, I was asked by the hospitals administrators
if I would like to work full time, day shift in the Intensive care unit.
A huge challenge but I gladly accepted.
Looking back, it seemed surreal but it was real.
The experience of being at the bedside of a person lying lifeless attached to every possible lifeline. Caring for many and rewarded to see them eventually move out of Intensive care ....and many go home. There were those who after being on full life support walked in later to say thank you.
But sadly, I had to talk to family through tears, theirs and mine when their loved one slipped away.
This experience of my lifetime far exceeded my expectations when the dream first began.
We do not know exactly what is on the other side when we move toward the unknown.
But I know I am ever grateful I did not ask faltering questions ... like "what if" .... and so glad I did not listen to the voice who advised against my dream. I am proud of myself for daring to live my life. I look back over the years with fondness, having no regrets. It was my life and no one could stop me.


Let these words be yours! Don't listen to scoffers. This is YOUR life to live, not theirs! You owe it to yourself to move toward that dream, whether it be health and fitness, a desire to lose weight and reclaim your health or a career goal You are going to make it! When you get up every morning, TELL yourself into your mirror, "I WILL make it and no one will stop me!" .....

I recently retired from my dream of forty three years in health care.
I look back and can smile. I lived my dream. I have no regrets.
I wrote this to encourage any of you who may need to see, it Can be done.
And you can do it! But never take NO for an answer or give into doubt or fear.

Thanks for stopping by and reading this. Enjoy your day and may it be great!
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