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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Do you ever feel like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day? Everyday I get up, exercise, eat a high protein breakfast and so on. The positive here is I do these things whether I feel like it or not. The downside is I still don't actually want to do them. I only restrict my eating and exercise because I have to (with my terrible metabolism I'd be obese if I didn't); if I were blessed with a healthy metabolism, I'd occasionally do some leisurely exercise and think much, much less about what I eat.

To say I'm stuck in a rut is an understatement. I want to be able to reclaim my brain from constant, obsessive fat loss mode but am still no where near my goal. Over the past week I've lost precisely 0" inches; that's right no measurable loss whatsoever. I can see that I still have a considerable amount of fat left to lose, but I can't come up with feasible ways to do more to get the weight off.

Here are a few options that I've considered:
1. Stick to a very low calorie diet until I reach my goal. In addition to being too lazy to stick to under 1,000 calories a day, I believe this could be detrimental to my already awful metabolism.
2. Exercise for an hour or more everyday including intense cardio. In addition to being lazy and hating cardio, I don't usually have time to do more than the 45 minutes a day I'm already doing. Realistically even intense cardio has a limited impact on fat loss and makes me (and most people) hungry, limiting its usefulness.
3. Adopt a keto (high fat, very low carb) eating plan. This is unrealistic for me because it would mean I would have to prepare all of my meals myself at home. I doubt I'd be able to stick to this for more than a couple weeks. I struggle to eat moderately low carb (50-85 grams a day).

Is there anything I missed? (I understand that high carb diets like the one advocated by SparkPeople work for a lucky few, but I'm not one of them so that's off the table.) I need to reach my goal soon. If passed the current Republican healthcare proposal would likely result in losing my insurance coverage, and I need to get an IUD before the birth control mandate is repealed or I lose insurance all together.

I still can't imagine getting on a scale (haven't seen my weight in over 5 years), and the forced weigh in at any in-office visit is unavoidable even when it's completely irrelevant. (Also, how many people actually need to be told that the medical establishment considers them fat? Seriously?) I usually try not to look and ask not to be told, but the simple experience of having to be weighed is very stressful for me. The last time I inadvertently saw the number I was borderline overweight despite exercising everyday. Even though I've never had a medical professional shame me for my weight (I've gotten plenty of fat shaming from my family, peers and even my middle school), I consider getting on the scale the worst part of almost any visit and avoid it if at all possible.

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    Hm, I don't know how much you want to lose, but from the photos on your pages you are not much over a 'normal' BMI if at all. So if that is accurate you are going to lose slowly. And measuring in inches every week is not likely to show much progress. It would seem to me reasonable to expect measurable changes every few months rather than week by week. Maybe play with your forms of exercise and finding things you like. Find a new fitness goal like lifting a new weight or doing # push-ups. And play with diverse ways of eating within the calorie range that works for you, trying new recipes, toying with things like iron and fibre and calcium, etc. Accept this as your lifestyle for good, and check in once every month or two to see how the measurements look? You've made exercise and healthy eating into habits, which is a great accomplishment!
    1309 days ago
  • BJAEGER307
    Sounds like you definitely need to change up the routine. Go seek advice from a nutritionist. Your determination on what is needed for you to lose weight is definitely not working. Sometimes small changes bring big results.

    1313 days ago
    sounds like you need to change up your life! find exercise you enjoy- swimming, biking, jogging. I don't drink protein shakes because I like variety- why not try making a smoothie with fresh fruit?
    1313 days ago
  • no profile photo CD17888936
    GAIN weight. Why don't you try a new routine? Like instead of the gym, go outside for a jog/stroll. Instead of weights, try swimming. If you switch it up you may get out of the rut
    1313 days ago
  • no profile photo CD17888936
    Hi Dani! Your name is my name too! Sounds like you aren't having fun anymore. That could be one reason why you aren't losing. Plus, the stress of focusing on how much we lose, what we eat, how much ever use ect can keep our cortisol high, making us
    1313 days ago
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