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Sunday, June 11, 2017

I wrote my last blog about "Doing the Best Thing For Me." I have been slacking off on my healthy habits and not always making the best choices. I could see that I was declining and had to come up with a new mantra to stop that progression. It is definitely helping! Still struggling with some evening munchie attacks, but I can do this. I'm going to be on the road for the next couple of weeks, and I have that DOWN.

The other thing I have been struggling with for several months has been my music. Not sure what happened but somewhere along the way, I lost my confidence. I wasn't playing, even though I kept getting asked to do this or that gig or even just to sit in with some of my friends. THAT has also changed! Another friend gave me some great advice about not worrying about others and just play what I like - do the music that makes me happy. So I carried that mindset and booked two gigs (I work better to a deadline). I'm playing a local golf course on June 30 (in my neighborhood - very low-key and non-threatening) and then an ArtCrawl downtown in June. The solo gig is something I haven't done since the '80's. I've been in bands and that's here I love to be. But getting ready for the solo gig has been challenging by gratifying. Being solo, I've had to beef up my instrument skills. I'm learning some pretty cool songs that I like and have a diverse set list. Here's some examples:

You're No Good and Blue Bayou by Linda Ronstadt
Million Reasons by Lady Gaga
Songbird by Eva Cassidy
Hands by Jewel
Brighter than the Sun by Colbie Callait
Chandelier and The Greatest by Sia
My Church by Maren Morris
Follow Your Arrow by Kacey Musgraves
Landslide by Stevie Knicks
Alone by Heart

I'm also doing about 5 originals that I unearthed that I realized are still pretty good songs. We went to the beach yesterday and brought guitars and sang. There was a wedding party that suddenly showed up (about 30 people) in the middle of the beach right beside us. They had no music so my husband walked over (he's my biggest fan) and asked if they wanted some. They excitedly said yes! So I walked over, in my bathing suit with my guitar and sang a quick verse of "I Will Always Love You." LOL. How cool was that?

But I have some EVEN COOLER news. A friend of mine is very into local music. She blogs about it and pretty much knows everyone. She is always recommending me for gigs. Recently she started dating a guy who plays in a local (I thought) band called MIMIC. I saw a video they did once and they were doing a Heart song. I told my friend to let me know if they ever need a female singer because I can sing the heck out of some Heart. She passed along a video of me singing "Alone."

Last night, my phone rang after 10:00 pm. I answered and it was one of the guys in Mimic. He said they had heard my video and want me for their show. He starts saying that they are based about 45 minutes from here and want to get me out as soon as possible. He said his wife will be calling me about logistics, etc., very soon "so we can get you to Atlanta."

Huh? Did he say Atlanta? Yes, he did. He also said Pittsburgh. "We play nationally, you know." They want me to do Heart and also Boston. He went on to say that they often have some well-known musicians sit in. "Do you know Roger Fisher?" I didn't - until he said he was the original guitarist for Heart. "Yeah, he's going to be with us in Atlanta." OH MY FREAKING GOD. Are you kidding me? I not only get to sing a Heart song, with a band, but with ROGER FISHER? "Oh, and we have another band called Second Helping - it's a Lynrd Skynrd tribute." If I want to they could use me for backup with that band. I stammer out that I also play instruments. "Are you kidding me? That's great! We could definitely use you on guitar for the Skynrd show in Pittsburgh." He ended by saying his wife would be in touch. Then later he texted me and said to be learning all the songs on the Heart - Little Queen album and Boston's first album.

I was already there - FAR too excited to sleep! I went to their website and this is a legit gig! They have a booking agent and apparently play all over the country. Their concept is that they cover classic rock albums as close as possible to the original. They play to crowds of thousands...YES I SAID THOUSANDS....several times a year. The other cool thing is that he said they are all working folks, so they only play and practice on weekends, which is also PERFECT for me!

I'm still pinching myself and holding my breath in case something happens. But how cool is this?

You are never too old to follow your dreams.


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