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Friday, June 09, 2017

My motivation to eat within the calorie limits every day can sometimes fade after a while.
Being fit and liking how I look is important to me - yes - but there are some days when that desire alone is not enough to prevent me from eating more than I should.

So what am I doing about it?

I just recently purchased a new cookbook by an author that my SP friend, Watermellen, recommended in her blog. The dishes are meatless, and many of them look yummy in the photos. I figured that trying some new low-calorie recipes could inspire me to get out of some of my old food ruts, and will add interest and variety to my diet -- just shake it up a little.

Something 'new and shiny' can often be a good motivator for me, breaking up old routines and familiar patterns.

That 'new and shiny' item can come in the form of new foods when I'm trying to stay within calorie limits...
...and it can also come in non-food areas of my life when I am trying to remain enthusiastic and curious about life in general.

After I retired from my teaching position - I felt there was a need to fill an intellectual hole in my life to keep me relevant, and interested, and involved.

So I decided to pursue interests that I had held for a long time, but never had time for when I was working.

I took up photography. I joined a camera club and I took a couple of seminars. I spent time taking photos and reading about how to take better photos. It has turned into a lifetime pursuit - and I am enjoying every part of it.

I also took a memoir- writing seminar. It was a soul-searching exercise to go back into my childhood feelings and write about the breakup of my parents' marriage. But it was so worthwhile and fulfilling when I was finished. I cleared up some misconceptions I had about their divorce -- and I learned some new techniques about writing. I may decide to do more in the future.

Taking a trip to a new meaningful destination has always held appeal for me, and so every once in a while I plan a short trip -sometimes with my husband, other times with a friend (perhaps on a photo trip). I have found there is nothing like a real change of scenery to stimulate and inspire me.

A good friend of mine who is divorced has joined a local travel group. It has been a fun way for her to explore new places while meeting others in her local geographic area with similar interests.

I have also joined a book group at our local library. I enjoy the discussions, and have become friendly with many of the other women in the group.

A good friend of mine -- whose husband passed away from cancer several years ago -- followed her lifelong interest in dance - and took herself to Spain for lessons in Flamenco dancing.

Another widowed friend wrote a book, self-published it, and is now working on her second book.

So I now understand that, for me, it is not just about being motivated in regard to food: eating right, exercising, and keeping the number down on the scale.

It is also important for me to feel motivated and engaged in my life in general. I need to be involved in meaningful, stimulating activities that I feel give purpose and direction to my life.

When I am feeling personally fulfilled, I am much better able to have control over the scale.
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