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Doing the BEST Thing

Friday, June 09, 2017

I just noticed that I haven't blogged since June 4th. That says a LOT about where I am right now. I also haven't done any concerted exercise since.... days ago. I'm not eating right all the time. I'm having back pain. I'm stressed.


And that's NOT who I am anymore - which is why it feels so uncomfortable! That is SO GREAT, isn't it? So...what the hell is your problem, self? Geez, we can be so stubborn, can't we? I know HOW to do this, WHAT to do, WHEN to do it, and WHY to do it. So...I'm going to DO IT.

What is it? THE BEST THING. Every time I am faced with a choice, I was in the habit of doing the BEST THING. Don't want to get up in the morning? *Buzzer sounds* DO IT ANYWAY BECAUSE THAT'S BEST. Want to eat that donut? *Buzzer sounds* DRINK SOME WATER, WAIT 20 MINUTES, AND EAT YOUR PROTEIN BAR IF YOU'RE HUNGRY BECAUSE THAT'S BEST. Want to zone out watching something on Hulu instead of doing your Sparkpoints? *Buzzer sounds* IT ONLY TAKES A FEW MINUTES TO DO THOSE SPARK POINTS WHICH KEEPS YOU MINDFUL AND MOTIVATED AND THAT'S BEST.

I CAN do the BEST THING. In the last year alone, I've done the BEST THING probably 90% of the time. Just this morning, I ate a healthy breakfast sandwich instead of a carb heavy cheesy Asiago bagel slathered with butter and cream cheese (which sounds yukky right now actually). I took a long hot shower and shaved my legs and put on smelly good lotion because I'm WORTH it and feel better when I treat myself well. I spent a few moments tidying up something in my house because de-cluttering reduces my stress. I got on SP and I'm doing my Sparkpoints. In a few minutes, I'm taking a load of stuff to the local hospice thrift store - feel good to give and loading/unloading is good exercise. I'm also delivering a desk to someone who bought it on CL, so I have some pocket money to spend on a new dress. The rest of the day I'm going to focus on finishing my prep for next week's training, then practice my music as my show is only 2 weeks away.

ALL OF THESE ARE THE BEST THINGS. So here's our challenge. All day today, you'll have choices. Just say, "I will choose the BEST thing" and then do it. After all, it's the BEST THING - DUH. It's really that simple.

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