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Can This Cupcake Be Saved?

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Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Take me! I'm yours! .... I'm your bud! .... You used to love me! ... I am still just as sweet as ever! ... How can you resist me? ... I was always there to comfort you when you were down .... I lifted you up and made you smile! ..And you always came back for more!" ....

"But now, they are saying bad things about me! .... 'throw him in the trash!' ....He's bad news! ....'He'll sabotage your hard work!' ...."Please, give me a second chance!" ....

Aw C'mon ....... This smart-talker's lines are as old as this sedan! .... We've grown too wise be outsmarted by some sweet talker to get past our taste buds! Haven't we?

It is true sugar releases dopamine, a neurotransmitter that controls the brain's center of pleasure and reward. Eating sugar boosts dopamine temporarily. A feel good quick fix. But almost guaranteed, you will want more! {If not then, your memory records this feeling!} And remember, no one bakes a single cupcake: this guy has family ...

Sometime 'back' a friend blogged about being given a pink tantalizing cupcake and asking:.. 'How bad can it be. I am going to eat it and then will walk it off lunch hour."

It was funny as myself and the other friends begged NOT to eat it!... but "to return to sender, to crush it! .... throw it in the trash!" Not one waved her on to eat the thing! ....But then at the end of her blog she said, "Or I can take it home to my husband!" ....

How quickly the 'sweet talker' turned sour ..ranting and raving while shouting our name .... 'But I'm so delicious! You want me! You need me! ... You'll be sorry!"

Bottom line is: we all get tempted from time to time. Someone offers us something or like this incident, laid the cupcake on her desk and ran. We should never feel obligated to eat it if it is against our better judgment. We have a choice to save the cupcake, admire it, step on it, throw it into the trash or put it on someone else's desk . emoticon .. and Run ...LOL

Thanks for stopping by and remember all your hard work when something comes along. emoticon
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