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Saturday, June 03, 2017

June 3, 2017.
Despite my best intentions, I haven’t journalled in forever, and haven’t blog longer than that. My weight loss journey, my journey to health continues, and I found myself at a seminar for weight loss surgery. Listing all that I have tried was illuminating. The consistent theme? I gave up. So I write today, that I am back. I am following a keto diet, I have to give up caffeine, alcohol and carbonation, I am joining water aerobics and started to walk again. All the lessons that I have learned up to know point to this. I will refill the supplement box, and continue to drink apple cider vinegar. Giving up caffeine will be super hard. I vow to not buy anymore, and to use up what I have purchased. I will switch to passion tea at Starbucks. Same with sparkling water. No more buying. And I am back to Sparkpeople for my blog.
This morning, the dog wanted out at 4:30. So I was up to start the day. I poshed ( sending out messages to those who received catalogs) I checked my email, and I pondered the day. My to-do list? I will go to Farmer’s Market, the UPS store, the pharmacy, the ATM. I need to get graduation money gifts. My boys have left for their daily adventure ( Big to work, little to graduation and band) husband is still sleeping.

I cant guarantee success, I cant guarantee tomorrow. All I can say is for right now, I am here and I am trying.
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