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Trip to my family part 3

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Okay. So we got up, got dressed and off to Urgent Care we go. Even though it is a bit chilly, I have to wear shorts because my jeans won't go over the swollen foot and leg. It is throbbing and totally black with bruises.

The Doc takes xrays and comes in with the not surprising news, although it is a bit worse than I thought. I have three broken toes, 7 fractures in my leg and my knee is traumatized.

The broken toes were no surprise, and all they do for them is put tape around them and let them hurt and heal on their own time.

There are more fractures than I thought. I knew there were three because of the pain. No wonder the pain kept getting worse, huh!

I also have two small hematomas around my foot and one quite large along the outside of my leg. I hear the big lecture about how blood clots can form if I don't take care to have my foot elevated and iced. Then he says he will fax the report to my doctor at home and I should get in to see him as soon as possible.

DD is REALLY mad at me about how injured I am, and still flew to her house. Oh well. She will either get over it soon or later. This isn't our first rodeo where she has disapproved of me.

We get to her house (with more Aleve and some Arnica cream to reduce swelling, and I once again go up the steps to the living room on my butt.

She called a friend who had been in a very serious accident and had to have his leg raised for over a month. Sure enough, he still had the apparatus and instantly dropped what he was doing and brought it over, set it up, and then even HE said "No don't MOVE unless you have to go to the bathroom.

I think silently to myself "You don't know me well enough to be so bossy", but I thank him and agree to remain in the chair and have my leg elevated.

This goes on for four more days, and then comes the youngest GD"s (she of the donut holes) college graduation. I WAS NOT GOING TO MISS THAT!!!

We call a medical rental place and order a wheelchair that has the ability to keep my leg straight out in front of me, and off to the ceremony we go. We get parked in the handicap area, and start heading for where the graduation is taking place.

Sure enough, there is a small, but rather steep hill we must go up. DD kicks in her Wonder Woman mode and calls out to a big guy who is walking up the hill. She calls out to him that we need help, and over he comes, pushes me up the hill and even continues on to the handicap seating area. What a nice person! He DID say to DD, however, that "If your Mom wasn't right here, I would ask you out for dinner after the graduation".

She just gave him a big smile and said "if we meet again, I just might take you up on that".

While sitting and behaving myself, the people who sit right behind us come in, and one of them has a cast on her leg. She got there Not with a Wheelchair, but with a scooter like thing. Kind of like a skateboard with wheels. She had her leg propped up on the board, and with the other one was walking right along. Now why didn't we think of THAT?!

If you haven't seen them, they are really neat devices, and afford people who use them the ability to get in and out of much smaller areas than a wheelchair, plus it gives them independence.

DD said "The LAST thing you need Mom, is MORE INDEPENDENCE"!! harrumph.

The graduation is over and we go home. I bump up the stairs on my butt again, thinking "My arms are getting a GREAT workout"!

Ya gotta look for positive even when there doesn't seem to be any. I found my arm workout to be just fine and dandy.......providing I don't bang my leg and foot as I am going up and down the stairs. Banging them is not my idea of fun.

I was booked to fly home in three days, and wondered how flying was going to go with my leg all swollen and ugly. I was to learn new stuff with that experience, too!

See ya tomorrow!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    O . . . M . . . G! 3 broken toes, 7 fractured bones in your leg and a traumatized knee. Lord have mercy!
    657 days ago
    admire your will power but hope it doesn't backfire on you.
    657 days ago
  • BERRY4
    I guess you are very fortunate that the whole blood clot issue did not arise on your first plane trip to get to DD's place. Any ONE of those injuries could cause a whole lot of problems. You clearly have more than ONE.
    Sigh.... Old news now, eh!?

    Please take care! -- Give your body time to heal in all the directions that are needed: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Injury in any one of these categories can end up filling up your "page" if not cared for and allowed to resolve in a healthy way. -- Treat yourself the way you would treat DD if this had happened in the reverse...
    657 days ago
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