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Trip to my family part 2

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

My DD and I have a favorite story about when she was little that she loves to tell to her kids.

Being a single parent, I had to leave my daughter with a babysitter while I worked. Every evening after work, I would pick her up and head to the grocery store for what we were going to have for dinner that night.

Inside that grocery store was a bakery that made heavenly donuts. If she had been a very good little girl that day, sometimes I would buy her 2 donut holes. That was all I could afford.

This was before the seat belt and car seat rules took place, and she would stand right next to me while I was driving, her little arm around my shoulder. She would chatter away, telling me everything that happened while at the babysitter's. I loved her imagination, and her stories were wonderful.

But then there were the days when she didn't feel like chattering, and we didn't pick up the two donut holes. I would be driving along, having her standing right beside me with her arm around my neck. Everything was peaceful and quiet UNTIL she remembered the donut holes. Then she would put her little mouth right against my ear and SHOUT as loud as she could "DONUT HOLES!!!!". It is a wonder we didn't get in to a terrible car accident. She wouldn't stop yelling DONUT HOLES until I turned around and got the darn things. After she got her donut holes, peace once again reigned in the car.

She and I both told that story to her kids while they were growing up, and they never tired of it.

Let's move up to present time and this past Mother's Day. There we were, inside due to the cold and rain, and youngest granddaughter comes over with a huge bouquet of flowers. Then she went back to her car and brought in our "prezzies" for Mother's Day. She made us read the cards, then switch cards and read them again, so we would be SURE we got the message she loves us. Then out would come the prezzies she bought for us.

She had gone to a bakery and got us some insanely delicious sweet rolls. We also got chocolate covered strawberries and bon bons. She saved the best for last, and there they were: DONUT HOLES!!! DD and I both burst into tears at such a loving, thoughtful gift. Looking back I don't remember a single Mother's Day that meant as much to either of us like that young woman, all grown up, remembered our DONUT HOLES! Neither of us had had any for well over 30 years, but the memories came back in a flash, and while DD was crying with sentiment, she stood next to me and put her arm around my shoulder. That REALLY set me off. She hadn't remembered having her arm on my shoulder, but when I could finally tell her, she cried harder too. Granddaughter Christine just laughed and laughed, and took photos of us "being so lovingly silly".

I can't imagine any gift that could possibly top that one. It took a lot of love, thoughtfulness, consideration and heart for her to show us she remembered after all these years.

I got a HUGE lecture from that granddaughter after that. She was really mad at me when she saw how injured I was, and said I had no business being there, and should either have cancelled my trip and gone to my regular doctor, or should go to the Urgent Care docs RIGHT THEN AND THERE!!

My response to that was "if I had told you people what shape I was in, you would have insisted I cancel my trip. I would have missed Mother's Day, and I needed to be with them more than ever due to DH's death in March". She then said "Well, let's go to the doctor NOW!"

To which I replied "No, I cannot go NOW, because I know that I am really injured, and they might put me in hospital. That means I would miss your college graduation, which I refuse to do".

She started to argue, but then I said "I am NOT missing your once in a lifetime event, so don't even try to go there with me". She looked at me with her stunning blue eyes and said "You are one strong determined woman. I feel humbled that you would endure this much pain so you could see me graduate." Then we both cried, hugged, and wound up laughing.

The other GD was moving into her and her boyfriend's new place that day, so we drove over there to see their "digs". Wouldn't you just know it.....on the second floor with no elevator. So up the stairs I go on my butt, and when Ally and Dan came out and saw what I was doing, they thought perhaps I had gotten Alzheimer's too, and were speechless. When I got to the top and had to stand up to get into the apartment, I was hurting like crazy and wasn't as good at faking it. Then THEY started in on me, but Dan spoke up and told Ally "your grandmother loves you so much that not even serious injury and great pain could keep her from getting to us. Just calm down and take it easy and enjoy her visit". Now THAT's a guy I hope stays in the family! They provided us with a wonderful take out Thai dinner.

After that I was ready for bed, big time, knowing I would have stairs to go down (on my butt) and 2 flights of stairs to get into bed.

DD has Henry, her Havanese doggie who loves me a whole lot. While I was getting up the stairs, Henry thought it was time to play. So here I am, going up another flight of stairs to my bedroom with Henry dashing all around me, pulling on me playfully.

Her cat Otis, however thought the whole thing ridiculous and haughtily stalked past us on the stairs, with his nose in the air and an attitude of "I don't know these people. I won't even acknowledge them, and they better not try to talk to me either!" Otis is one of those cats where you always get what he is thinking. He is a snob of the highest feline order.

Finally I am in bed, hurting like the Dickens, and pretty much pass out. I awake many times during the night due to pain, and the Aleve , aspercream and another ointment that is supposed to decrease swelling is not working so well.

I concede that I will go to Urgent Care when we wake up.

Stay tuned for part 3!!
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    Priceless. I HOPE you got that ankle/leg checked out.
    693 days ago
    Your loving story brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing this beautiful trip..............albeit the horrible injury!
    693 days ago
  • BERRY4
    Now I thought I would get to hear what the Dr. said.... emoticon

    So very glad you were able to be loved on by your family--and express and enjoy the love of one another. The tears and laughter are all part of the healing process.
    694 days ago
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