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I'm Sending You a Box of Sunshine!

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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Does anyone anywhere just not like the sun? ..Know anyone who throws back the covers, opens the shades and says: "Oh NO .... SUNSHINE AGAIN!".... what happened to our gray skies?! ..... (not me) Nothing like a flood of warm rays to comfort and bring a natural mood lifter to the soul called sunshine. We talk about it, yearn for it, crave it, and shiver all winter longing to see the golden sky again.

Years ago, I had a great experience of working alongside a well known dermatologist as his surgical assistant. He performed in-office surgeries, removing a myriad of skin growths, lesions, cysts, and sometimes they were malignant. Those with over exposure to the sun posed the greatest risk.

As he removed these growths, I heard his daily spiel about staying out of the sun and had a large awful poster of a big raisin on the wall. It read: "If you want your face to look a raisin like stay out in the sun!" Listening to him and seeing so much severe skin damage and prematurely aged skin due to overexposure to sun was quite an eye opener.

Ok, that's the 'down side.' Even this fine dermatologist, did like to go fishing and hunting (outdoors where there was actual sunshine) ...... But he protected himself and instructed his patients about the many ways they could protect their skin while in the sun.

Happily, there are many healthful perks of sunshine ... emoticon ... in moderation.
I love getting outside especially in the earlier part of the morning to watch the day come alive.
A mere twenty minutes a day provides the Vitamin D I need!

Here are Eight ways sunshine benefits the body.

Reduces your risk of the flu. {who knew}
Reduces your risk of Cancer.
Reduces chronic muscle aches.
Reduces your risk of cardiovascular disease.
Reduces your risk of depression.
Reduced your risk of developing diabetes.
Reduces getting autoimmune disease.
Reduces your risk of Osteoporosis.

As we practice the tips for precaution, we "can" enjoy being outdoors and not
feel we must hibernate year around. ( be sure to hydrate and drink plenty of water)

As we start a new day, rise and shine! Here is my gift to you: a box of sunshine . emoticon ..I appreciate you stopping by and May your day be bright.
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