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Trip to my Family

Monday, May 29, 2017

I went to Massachusetts for a visit with my daughter and her girls for over Mother's Day.

The weather in Mass was as usual......all four seasons in one day. We didn't put away our winter jackets, just left them on the chair backs. The next day we were searching for summer shorts and sleeveless tops because the weather got into the 90's. The following days were all a mixture of rain, sun, wind, chilly and hot. Like I said....4 seasons in a day.

Nevertheless, the weather didn't slow us down. Well, kind of, but that is because I had injured myself pretty badly before leaving.

I was cleaning the garage and picked up a heavy tool chest to move it over to where I was putting all the tools in one place. Well, I tripped over another tool box, and went flying with the heavy tool box in the air, flying with me. I reached the ground first, and the tool box came down on my leg and foot. OUCH, big time! I managed to get up and in the house, where I put ice on my leg and foot, and took some Aleve, which didn't alive much of the pain at all, if any. When DD called, I told her I had had a little accident in the garage because I fell rearranging the tools. I didn't tell her how bad I was because I knew she would insist I stay home and get to the doctor.

I didn't want to go to the doctor because I knew I was hurt pretty badly, and didn't want the diagnosis interfering with my trip.

The next morning I was to fly out, and had a heck of a time getting on my socks, as my leg and foot were really swollen. But I persevered and got the sock and shoe on, and off to the airport I went.

I got to the ferry for Seattle, and had a 45 minute wait until the next ferry. So I shut off my car, left the key in the ignition, and read from my Kindle. When it was time to board the ferry, my battery was dead! I was in a real frenzy when the ferry people drove up, gave me a jump, and I made it to the ferry. They asked if I had left the key in the ignition during my wait, and yes, I had. Then they told me it is not unusual for them to have to give people a jump because of that. Word to the wise: When you shut off your car, remove the keys from the ignition!

So I manage to board the plane, with my leg and foot getting worse by the minute. When I get to Logan airport (Boston), I learn that I have to not only wait to get my luggage, but have to walk about 1/2 mile to where the people who are picking up passengers have to park due to construction.

I see DD's car, and keep walking as strongly as I can, resisting the urge and need to limp. I don't say anything to her other than I would like to get some Aleve before we go home, because "I have a bit of a headache". So, we arrive at her home, Aleve in hand, and up the stairs I climb to the main floor. Then go up another flight to change clothes into jammies. I come back down, without getting my sock on my foot, and put my foot up on the ottoman.

DD shrieks with horror. She has seen my foot and the beginning of my leg. They are both totally black with bruises and swollen to nearly twice their size. She wants me to go to see a doctor right away, but I beg off because I am too tired and just want to go to bed. The next day I again refuse to go to the doctor, knowing I will be totally grounded. I know I am in pretty bad shape.

Then next day is Mother's Day, cold and rainy. I will continue that story tomorrow.

I think you have already caught on the my trip wasn't exactly like planned, and to keep you in suspense, I did go to the Doc the next day.

More tomorrow.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Well, glad to read that last sentence! And it certainly doesn't sound like your trip went as planned! Hope your leg and foot are feeling better, though!
    656 days ago
    Oh my gosh. I'm anxious to know how things turned out. I hope you are okay. I bet your daughter was beside herself.
    (Thanks for the tip about removing the keys)
    657 days ago
    Can't wait for part II
    657 days ago
  • BERRY4
    Yikes! -- I will say that if this had happened to my DH, I would totally blame his refusal to acknowledge an injury on being a "stubborn Dutchman". (You can always tell a Dutchman...but you can't tell him much!)

    I'm so sorry that happened. -- It certainly sounds like a bit more than "soft tissue" damage! AND getting the body's systems to deal with fluids for both healing and removal of material, well that seems like a BIG situation!

    On a supportive note: Have you heard of "dry brushing"? -- Here's a very recent blog info on the topic.
    Maybe it would help with your continued healing?! Hope so!
    657 days ago
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