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Saturday, May 27, 2017

We got an above ground pool last November. I have balance issues because of cerebral palsy & damage to my left leg from a DVT.

I had joked a few weeks ago to my boyfriend, "I may not have issue getting in, but may need firefighters to help me out".

I had tried weeks prior to climb the ladder. I realized it was causing to much anxiety (fear of falling). So I tried to get a step higher every time.

I got in somewhat okay. I cleaned out all the floating bugs and walked a few laps. I just recently got healed up from a sunburn, so wasn't planning on staying in long.

So it came time to get out. Needless to say this took some time. Boyfriend stood close by and kept reassuring me that I wouldn't fall, but if I did, he was right there. This is where my anxiety disorder kicks in. I realistically knew he would make sure I was ok. But yea try telling my anxious brain that.

I managed to get up it & get myself turned around. Then the anxiety started coming out verbally. Now mind you, at this point my boyfriend is within a foot of me and has his hand on me as I'm walking down the ladder as I'm saying repeatedly, "Don't let me fall please"...

Yes, we are looking for a better & sturdier ladder. But I'm so glad I was able to get in the water!
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