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Papa's Got a New Bag!-In this case it's Mama!

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Monday, May 22, 2017

Woke up to a medley of songs going through my mind and could not find that 'peaceful easy feelin' the Eagles sang about ... Hmm .... the lyrics seemed to be missing the 'peaceful' part ..Allergies played a big hand and I just could not hide my swollen 'lyin eyes.' (more Eagles)

Then came the righteous Brothers.... "You've lost that loving feeling "
Had my bag packed and ready for the gym, as Onekidsmom always instructs ...But baby! Mama wasn't feeling it !....Papa needs a brand-new bag !..But in this case, Papa can wait lol.

SO I reached into my 'bag of tricks' to find the musical legends for help...
And for anyone to young to know, this is the legendary Godfather of Soul... James Brown!
(I am hard working trying to jump and do the splits like him! LOL)

Insert Eric Clapton live on DVD.
First I managed a little jiggle .
But then it turned into a wiggle .
And before you knew it,
I began to giggle !

Instantly, I shook that "no- loving feeling
and turned it around for ...
It had no power to hold me down !
I was rocking and reeling,
A smile replaced the frown!
Shimmy-shimmy cocoa puff ...

Again, James Brown lyrics came to mind
And the uneasy feeling was left behind !
No bad vibes for this chick.
" Life was beginning to click!"
Soon, I was singing his song ...
" I feel GOOD now .....
" But I knew that I would now !"... emoticon

Pick your song .
And it won't take long !
You will be moving and ah Groovin !
And shakin to the beat.
Shimmy-shimmy cocoa puff ..

Oh yeah baby.
Mama's got a brand-new bag !

Feel good now but then I knew that I would now !
Shake it up baby.... twist and shout .
No tunes of singing down and out !
Oh no !
Cause Mama's got a brand-new bag !
Shimmy-shimmy cocoa puff ...

Oh yeah, Baby! , I feel good now .. emoticon ...But then I knew I would now..

And another favorite by the late George Harrison
Here comes the sun... emoticon (doo doo doo doo)
Here comes the sun, and I say
It's all right .... emoticon
Have fun friends and now you know how to get a brand new bag!
Whatever you choose, shake it up ... and keep a song in your heart...
Thanks for stopping by friends and have a great day!
(btw: What are some of your go to' songs?)

(Was a thrill of a lifetime for my hubby and I to see James Brown, Godfather of Soul, perform in 1990) ...
P.s. one friend posting said she wasn't sure if I turned my day around and got it going which I guess I didn't mention so I will tell you yes I did I got 45 minutes of cardio in!
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