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Saturday, May 20, 2017

I'm sitting here at my desk after just having spoken to my mom. This is the first time I've mentioned any problems with my husband to her. As I expected, she handled the situation in the most pragmatic way possible.

I've got so much flying around in my head right now. I mean I'm analyzing massive life changes but I can't seem to make any sort of solid decision on anything. Housing, my dog, changing careers, moving out of state, etc. I had thought of maybe going back to graduate school to become a Dietitian but how on earth would I pay for it and live on my own? How can I keep up the things I love: my blog, my friends, etc. What surprised me is what my mom said about work. She said she hated the idea of me being a Dietitian. I was confused for a second but she elaborated. "I don't think it would suit you at all... it's too boring. Don't think about what you're qualified to do, think about what you WANT to do, then figure out a way to do it."

She's right, you know. It'd be boring for me. I thought it would be a good idea not because I'm passionate about it... but because it was practical and safe. The thing is... I have no idea what I want to do that would PAY me enough to survive. What would I both be equally good at that is also lucrative? I HAVE NO IDEA.

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    I thought about the nutritionist thing...but there is no way that i could practice western medicines idea of nutrition. I am very passionate about it, but different from the typical person. I don't care about it so much from the weight loss perspective, but from the healing perspective. Autoimmune diagnosis are on the rise...everyone has an autoimmune condition at one point or another. It is the food, the's just all poison to us!

    I'm kinda in the same boat as you. I don't quite know what to do career wise...guess I will stick with what i'm doing now, but every time i meet with someone with autoimmune disabilities (which is almost everyone that applies for our services) i tell them about using a more natural holistic approach along with the western medicine!

    Have you thought about taking some kind of free career test? Doing what you love to do and making enough money to support yourself....they don't always go hand in hand, I will tell you that. I have my master's degree, and i don't make enough to justify having so much education!
    1364 days ago
    I could see you as a trainer. You do a lot. You are fun, lovely, and side businesses are the rage.
    1376 days ago
    Have you ever thought of being a life coach? You can combined positive things you love to help guide people and better their lives!
    1377 days ago
    I've considered going back to become an RD too, but I already have one advanced degree. I don't really want to collect more, and I took the easy route with science classes, so I'd have to go back and make up all of those as well. However, being an RD does give you the credentials to do somethings that I'd be interested in doing, like recipe development, etc.

    You don't have to make all of the decisions at once, you know. Take it all one step at a time.
    1378 days ago
    I bet you could get clients right now without the degrees. There are so many women on social media who take on clients just based on their own personal experiences.
    1378 days ago
    1378 days ago
    I agree with her. I can see you as a kettebell instructor at the gym (where you will get to enjoy like-minded people, you extrovert)! And writing your cookbook. And being a nutritionist. Or one day with your own cooking show on the Food Network! But if you actually want to go to school, go ahead and fill out the FAFSA now and dream big. What state are you considering moving too? Changes can be overwhelming, especially so many at a time, but you are ready for the NEW Andrea! I believe in you.
    1379 days ago
    That's good advice. I hope you find some clarity in what you want to do. Maybe making a list of what you enjoy doing (everything you enjoy doing) and then thinking about careers that have to do with some of those things? I agree that something to do with helping others be active would be great for you. Maybe you could look into getting a personal training certification or something similar, and teach and motivate people to workout at home like you do?
    1379 days ago
  • LPORTER2015
    Sounds like you have a lot going on in your world. Take it slow on your journey. Tackle each issue one at a time. Be blessed!
    1379 days ago
    You are equally passionate about food and nutrition, and physical activity. A dietician sounds boring; a nutritionist sounds more interesting! Many local grocery stores (my local Shop Rite) offers free counseling by a Nutritionist. Many health clubs also offer that service (Life Time Fitness, for one). Do you think you could teach others, whether it be how to eat better or how to move better?? Oh, and don't forget that cook book of yours!!
    1379 days ago
    You're very active. Maybe something in the physical therapy/personal trainer area? When you decide what to do and where you want to go to school, financial advisors might be able to help with grants, etc. I wish you all the success and happiness in the world. You're such an awesome person, I know you'll find something totally perfect and be amazing at it.

    1379 days ago
    One thing at a time ..pray that's what I would do...change isn't easy but prayer helps and works
    1379 days ago
  • BJK1961
    "What do I want to do" is definitely one of the hard questions in life.
    1379 days ago
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