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Scale Report for 5-20-17

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Last week: 184.5, Fasting sugar 95
This week: 184.4, Fasting sugar 89
Loss: -0.1 pounds

Tenth by tenth, this turtle is slowly dropping weight. The pace is frustrating; the direction is delightful. So, I choose to dance in delight rather than wallow in frustration.

I'm not entirely in control of my diet while in Houston with my son who is undergoing cancer treatment at MD Anderson Cancer Treatment Center. Therefore, I can't say my weight's recent slow downward descent is due to dietary compliance.

One has to wonder...if NOT diet, then what could explain my recent bit-by-bit loss?

Those of you who follow my posts are aware of my medical conditions. I'm overweight by nearly 50 pounds, on the cusp of pre-diabetes, have spinal arthritis, persistent lower back pain, fibromyalgia, and neuropathy in my legs and feet. Water activity, bicycling, yoga, and walking are the only activities recommended by my doctors; and while I've had short periods of participation in each, I've never permanently incorporated any into my lifestyle.

I've never believed my lack of activity to be the greatest influence on my inability to lose weight. I have clung to the philosophy that the greatest impact on weight loss happens in the kitchen. After all, there's an abundance of "at goal" individuals here who can attest to the fact that they've lost their weight without "exercise." Yet, here I am (years after beginning my weight loss journey), and I remain "obese" according to the BMI charts. Heck! I remain "obese" according to the fitting room mirrors and the plus size 16 or 18 clothing I wear. So, maybe the "in the kitchen" and "no exercise" philosophy won't work for me.

Back to my original question...if NOT diet, then what could explain my recent bit-by-bit loss? In my estimation, the answer is "steps"...pure and simple.

I avoid pain. Don't we all? It's instinctive to avoid pain. Because of my arthritis and neuropathy and obesity, I hurt after I walk. My feet, legs, hips, and lower back hurt to the point of requiring medication. A mere 5,000-step day can trigger the pain. So, what do I habitually do? I avoid the steps to avoid the pain. My days back home are low-step days, typically in the 2-thousands.

I park as close to stores as possible. My husband does the "big" grocery shopping. I don't take daily walks. I stay indoors a lot. When I go to a big mall with hubby, we park the car at one end and shop toward the other end. Then, DH goes back to the car alone and drives it around the mall to come get me. Many of you know the drill. In short, I'm living my "golden years" avoiding steps to avoid pain.

For the past 8 weeks, while solitary caregiver for my adult son, I necessarily have had to walk all over the expansive MD Anderson campus from department to department, from floor to floor, from building to building...sometimes carrying a shoulder-slung bag containing my iPad, purse, 2 lunches, and 2 bottles of water. My greatest daily step total was a 9,351-step day, a whole lot for me if not for you. Unfortunately, I end my days in unavoidable pain. Even after pain-relief medication and a night's rest, I begin the next day still in pain. But...I tolerate the pain. I tolerate it for the quality of my son's life.

I should want to "tolerate it" for me, too. I should "tolerate it" for the sake of a tenth-by-tenth, turtle-paced weight loss record. I should "tolerate it" for improved blood sugar levels. I should "tolerate it" because I have two baby grands I want to watch grow-up.

Are you someone who tolerated pain in order to lose weight? If so, please share a bit of your story with me. Maybe once you lost the excess weight, you were able to walk without the pain. Those would be encouraging words to hear, and I could use some encouragement at this point. You see, my son and I are due to return home next week (amen), and I will need a lot of encouragement to continue earning steps at the level I have for the past 8 weeks, to continue tolerating the pain for the sake of weight-loss.

Please share your "I tolerated pain to beat the pain" weight-loss success story with me.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I'm back!!! It is just so good to find you here. I'll start blogging soon.
    1473 days ago
    *hugs* glad you get to come home!
    1486 days ago
    It has been a long nine weeks-- saying prayers for you, your son and his medical team.
    It will be wonderful to be home.

    I still have pain from time to time in my feet (congenital defect)--but I had a whole lot of pain while losing weight. WW worked for me--but adding daily walking goals helped me lose faster (but I was in pain). I took pain medication but also soaked my feet in Epsom Salts bath and elevated my feet whenever possible. I went to bed in pain & woke up with pain. But it was worth it because the excess weight is what caused most of the pain to begin with.

    1487 days ago
    Glad to hear you are both going home soon.

    You now know you can do do it...
    You know it is helping with the weight loss....

    And the more weight you lose the less pain you will be in would be my best guess...
    here's to keeping it going..pushing thru, keeping the bigger picture in mind.

    1487 days ago
    Exercise is my antidote for shoulder, neck and knee pain. Of course, I have to be careful of the exercises I do but it helps keep me as comfortable as possible.

    1487 days ago
    Hey Tally glad to hear your son is coming home next week. You remember my story.........Plantarfasciitis, bone spur and Achilles tendinitis, two total knee replacements, Degenerative joint disease of the spine, arthritis of both thumbs. I focused on the eating the first 8 months or so as I was pretty immobile due to pain, but when the first 40 or so pounds came off I started water jogging (wogging). Then after one year WW I started my walking program at first I had to drive down the 45 degree hill and meet my neighbors there as I could neither walk up nor down that hill if I did I would suffer for two days following. But little by little my endurance, stamina and distance increased. Now 3 years later I walk 4 miles a day, two at 0600 and two at 6 pm. and do that darn hill twice daily seven days a week. I made goal weight last May 2016 and LIfeTime July 2016. I do believe your why will get you through the pain and to the weight loss and to lower blood sugars and eventually to lesser pain. You can do this, wishing you success.
    1487 days ago
    @joyceharris3 That's right, Joyce. I forgot about my fibromyalgia we have in common. Some of the fibromyalgia symptoms overlap the neuropathy symptoms.
    1487 days ago
    I have fibromyalgia and arthritis. I have two replaced knees. I have much more discomfort when I don't exercise. Spinning classes are the best answer for me. Praying for your son and you. Home sweet home soon.
    1487 days ago
    I'm in pain every day. I have arthritis in my back, hips, knees and left ankle. I have to exercise though, because I know in the long run it will help me feel better.
    1487 days ago
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