My Diabetes Treatment and Surgery Expectations

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

So, 2 weeks ago I met with the endocrinologist and the diabetes counselor. They started me on an automatic injection system called a V-Go, that administers a steady stream of insulin directly into you throughout the day, and you give yourself additional boosts of insulin before you eat any snack or meal with carbohydrates. The counselor said I am putting forth a very good effort, but that it still isn't quite enough, so she's increased the amount of insulin I get from 30 units a day to 40 units a day. I see her again in 2 weeks, and we really want my numbers to be within the 110 - 130 range. Right now they're at 230 - 300 range, which is still high, but better than before I went on insulin. I think the highest I had was 415. So, continuing to watch my carbs, and trying to add protein, carbs, and fat to every meal in a good ratio. They'll reassess me and hopefully be able to clear me for surgery by the beginning of June.
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