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Monday, May 15, 2017

In your journey, did you even for a moment wonder why you had to work 'so hard' while some appear to have it 'made?' ..... Slender, obvious good metabolism, and who boasted of being her " high school weight", decades later. This was Beth. (fake name-but true story).

We worked in the same facility. Beth was a 57 year old Xray tech. She rode her bike several miles every day to and from work, after a very physical day, had a gym membership that she used frequently and confessed to "almost never taking a rest day," ... almost like she was invincible.

Never assume a pretty package with a shiny bow is for you, without knowing what's inside. You might be surprised.

Then one day:
It was an incredibly chaotic in the 23 surgeon -Orthopedic clinic where I worked. Daily, we saw an average of 600 patients. At the end of my shift I was changing clothes in the women's locker room.
Beth walked in and asked, " Are you going to the gym now?"
I answered , "No, I was, but not now. I already got my workout in today with running non-stop as crazy as it was!"..." I added, I may even take a short nap ."

She looked at me with a look of disapproval and then asked, quite smitten, " so are you going to let this place kiss your (blank?)"

Not needing her approval, or disapproval, I thought,
"To each his own" and we went our separate ways .

Three-Four months later:
Word traveled fast through the staff of 250 employees. Beth suffered a major heart attack. She told people in her department that she had crushing chest pain. Did she call 911 or anyone for help? "No". She hit the 'denial' button instead of picking up the phone to call for help. Said she thought if she laid down for a few minutes it would eventually go away .

Unfortunately, after all was said and done because intervention came so late, tests revealed: the damage to her heart was extensive. Beth was permanently disabled. Sadly, she would never return to work. And we lost an excellent co-worker.

Would any of us deliberately buy a pair of shoes that are too small? Of course not! That would be like wearing someone ELSE'S shoes and would be unthinkable!

So would trying to keep up with or emulate someone else's pace because you think their's must be better. There are so many variables; we are all individual and there is "NO" one size fits all' plan. It's only sensible to develop a plan that's right for you and me and listen to your body. Consistent exercise is great but overtaxing' the heart is dangerous. Practice moderation and find a balance between activity and needful rest. And, of course drink your water and eat nutriciously, and all the other things that support a healthy lifestyle.

Thanks for stopping by today friends. emoticon Please take care of yourselves and may you have a wonderful day!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    One of your most beautiful traits Jan is "not needing the approval of another". Wonderful blog!

    emoticon emoticon Laura

    645 days ago
    664 days ago
    Wow what a reminder and how true. I have to admit I've sometimes felt jealous of others who seem to come by things easier than me. But we never know what's ticking inside them.
    669 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    670 days ago
  • ANGELA-105
    Thank you for this. emoticon
    672 days ago
    Wow what a timely post for me and what a sad story!. I feel for her. It is so true that pretty packages can be deceiving. It seems like where I live now and way back in my college and grad school days I encountered a lot of Beths. Honestly I almost wonder what percentage of the population of women isn't eating disordered in some way. Even if they aren't obese, anorexic, bulimic or what have you, there is so much subclinical stuff like people exercising to the point of hurting rather than helping their bodies even if they don't reach exercise bulimia levels.

    Last year I tried out a once a week bootcamp for a few months. I admired the women at first, many of whom competed in marathons and had been athletes in back in their college years. (I stood out like a sore thumb). The workouts were incredibly intense. As I got to know these woman, I realized they were not truly healthy in mind and body. They used to talk about all their knee and back surgeries and how they refused to follow doctor's order-always pushing their bodies harder. Some over-exercised so they could truly enjoy some wine that evening or cake at a birthday. I preferred the Zumba crowd!
    673 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/20/2017 8:25:57 PM
    Very valuable lesson that rest days are important and to never compare yourself to someone else. It's too bad it came at such a high, heartbreaking cost for her!

    674 days ago
    Wow, that was a wake-up call for her! I worked with a doctor in pretty good health - she liked to walk her mini-doxys, hike, play tennis, etc. Then she got a respiratory virus that gave her cardiomyopathy and damaged her heart. She had to medically retire and stop doing her hikes and all. Very sad.
    674 days ago
  • GABY1948
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    675 days ago
  • MARGIEB221
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    675 days ago
  • BLUEJAY1969
    What a great cautionary story. Thank you for sharing!
    675 days ago
  • CHRIS3874
    Oddly enough most of the people I have met have been "skinny" (rather than FAT BASTARDS like myself) who thought they could inhale everything in sight. In a lot of ways I am sorry for her but she didn't think she had to listen to her BODY and evidently thought she was BULLETPROOF.
    676 days ago
    676 days ago
  • SHARON10002
    I'm so sorry about your co-worker. Her life was definitely not balanced. Our bodies do "talk" to us if we listen. We have days when we feel we are " on top of the world", and days we feel like we can barely summon up enough energy to get out of bed. We "crave" certain foods because our bodies need something in it. To be so driven as your friend was is like driving a car "petal to the metal". You can only go so far before you run out of gas, or you blow the engine from overheating. Life is too short not to stop and enjoy the scenery. We'll all reach our destination one day, and wonder how we got there so fast. How many of us will have taken the freeway instead of the scenic route?
    676 days ago
    So sorry about your friend. Being a healthcare professional, she should have known better than to ignore the symptoms of her heart attack. We can each live in our own kind of denial and it's really important that we learn to speak the truth to ourselves.
    676 days ago
    676 days ago
  • no profile photo BRIARGAL
    Wow, this made me pause and think about so many things. Thanks for posting this story.
    676 days ago
    I love this about you....

    "Not needing her approval, or disapproval, I thought,
    "To each his own" and we went our separate ways . "

    676 days ago
    Thanks for sharing, balance and good sense should be out constant companions.
    676 days ago
    Great reminder! Sorry about your friend- that is too sad.
    677 days ago
    So sorry to hear about your co-worker.I am a type A personality. I tend to push and push hard.Now that I have artificial hips and knees (I will soon have the knees replaced a second time ) I am learning about moderation in physical activity.Wearing my heart out never occurred to me LOL!
    677 days ago
    If I remember correctly the guy who wrote the Atkins Diet died of a heart attack and had horrible cholesterol. I don't think we can outsmart our genetics either. Diet and exercise are good for the body but life must be balanced to be happy (in my opinion).
    677 days ago
    Great story thank you for sharing
    677 days ago
  • WBERRY57
    Wow! This really strikes home. It can be so easy to get caught up in doing, doing, doing. We really do need to stop and be at times. Or at least I do. Thanks for the reminder. emoticon
    677 days ago
    You are one awesome writer. Enjoyed reading your wonderful story and I agree you with moderation is key. I also believe what you eat and how you assimilate it to be more important than exercise for weight loss / weight maintenance. I have osteoarthritis in both my hips that doctors and specialist's 5 years ago wanted to do two hip replacement surgeries and insisted it was urgently needed I was apparently so bad. LOL

    Five years later after not needing to see my Doctor or GP (general practitioner) I went to see her (My doctor) just for a check up to see how my hips were going. I took all my various health supplements, orthotic shoes and inserts etc... to show her and she did not really agree with any of it as after all she's from the medical profession and they don't think along the healthy, natural line whereas I do.

    I have a brother in law who is a naturopath. After a quick xray and I was careful, as I always am not to have too many xray's for health reasons, My doctor rang me up on the phone at home as she sometimes does (she's the best doctor in the world) she basically said like you were told. "While I may not necessarily agree with it, whatever you are doing keep doing it as it's working you have had no further degeneration in your hips in the last 5 years" emoticon I thought I always knew I was on the right track.

    Anyhow I've rambled on. thanks for such an awesome blog! emoticon
    677 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/16/2017 6:23:16 PM
    Interesting story.
    677 days ago
    Everyone needs a rest day or two!!! Thank you for this awesome reminder.
    677 days ago
  • ALP1976
    Oh thank you for sharing this -- I really appreciate this message!!!
    677 days ago
    A sad story about your friend. I'm sure she was devastated by the event and the need to readjust how she views herself. I know it was disappointing for me to readjust my self-image and realize that, after my hips were replaced, I would have to give up my jogging if I wanted them to last for the many years ahead.

    emoticon that "no one size" fits all. It has taken me several attempts to find "my size" and I have discovered that I do much better by myself and keeping my nose to the grind. And the great part about it is that I am O.K. with it emoticon
    677 days ago
    I so agree with your message! I remind myself to find balance with my exercise! I use how I feel and my SPARK points for exercise as a guide. SPARK points are limited to 2 hours of exercise a day. That is my limit. Some days I feel like I could do more but do not. I try to exercise most days of the week. I am not so good with the rest days!

    So sorry to hear about your co worker. A very sad story.
    677 days ago
    important message here - balance and what works for each of us. that's the ticket...
    677 days ago
  • DSJB9999
    Great blog emoticon emoticon
    678 days ago
    Thank you for sharing this story.

    There is no one size fits all--and no matter how good one feels-- a doctor should always be involved with life changes.

    Hitting the like button--oh how I wish the whole world could see this blog.

    678 days ago
  • L*I*T*A*
    678 days ago
    Great reminder that we need to not compare ourselves to other people - and to listen to what our bodies are telling us!!!!
    678 days ago
    It is always important to remember that we are unique individuals. Wow!! What a powerful story!! You keep on being the best you that you can be emoticon
    678 days ago
  • FRAN0426
    Excellent blog, and I do agree moderation is important for all of us.
    678 days ago
    This blog is very timely for me. I have been thinking I should slow down a bit and wondering if I am pushing myself too hard. I already lowered my daily step goal from 10,000 to 8,000. I was doing so much walking that it was really cutting into my day. Since I already had a mild heart attack a couple of years ago, I felt I had to get lots of exercise. But I have been pushing myself since August of 2015 and not taking many rest days. I will be 70 in Sept. and my body is telling me to quit pushing so hard. It's time to relax (but just a little). Thank you for the reminder.
    678 days ago
  • THOMS1
    Eveything in moderation and pay attention to what your body is telling you! emoticon
    678 days ago
    And, even doing the "right" things doe not guarantee that we'll not experience a heart attack. Many things are beyond our control. But, I get your drift and appreciate the message. emoticon
    678 days ago
    You are right, it is all about balance. Over doing anything can be harmful. Good reminder!
    678 days ago
    So sorry about the co-worker. You're right. Something that more of us need to remember. We aren't all cut from the same cloth. Thank you for the reminder. Blessings.
    678 days ago
    I have cut back... I love the endorphin rush of a tough workout, but using it to avoid dealing with emotional stress is just as unhealthy as overeating.
    678 days ago
  • JAMER123
    You are so right! I saw many people with wonderful figures and bodies that were to die for actually come into the ER with crushing chest pain. We were lucky to be able to save some of them but others were just like Beth. Denial, stressing over exercise and causing much damage. Thanks for sharing with everyone. I hope you saved at least one life today.
    678 days ago
    So sorry about your co-worker. You can never judge a book by its cover.
    678 days ago
    678 days ago
  • LINDA!
    Great blog. I hope that many see this as a wake-up call.
    678 days ago
    Hello Jan - what a wake up call - sorry for your co-worker that it happened too late.

    Amen to taking care of oneself!


    678 days ago
  • DINIE123
    Great blog. The grass always looks greener on the other side, and it is easy to compare ourselves to the standards of others, but not a good thing. We each have our own rhythm and need to listen to our bodies, not someone else's.. Thanks emoticon
    678 days ago
    great reminder great blog thank you
    678 days ago
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