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For Better or Worse: Keep The Honey In The Moon

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Monday, May 08, 2017

This Question was asked on the community feed one morning. " I understand motivation is different for everyone BUT... what keeps you going after the motivation has worn off?" Valid question many ask at some time or another.

Have you ever started something and been so passionate, so on fire, you felt you could almost explode? ..... But then, something seems to douse the fire and you find the once bright flame turns to a mere flicker as the days start to look the same... SOS ... what to do? ....

This got me to thinking:
If you or I had to categorize our lives, as rating a movie .... Would it be an Action, Suspense, ...Thriller, Comedy .... or a syndicated rerun like "Little House on the Prairie, The Golden Girls or 'Friends? ....Does your routine today look like yesterday? A repeat, a rerun?

While I may have a certain routine, like making the bed and drinking my coffee, I do not have the day so "staged" that it looks like the same tattered script from yesterday, of which i can't veer or leave any room for being SPONTANEOUS. { I love that word .... and the freedom to choose something new and fresh; take away the bland and add some zest!

Where is the excitement of watching reruns over and over or eating the same meal every single day. I am ok with leftovers sometimes, but not a steady diet.

So, getting back to the question: "What do I do when motivation wears off?" ...

I will compare it to marriage and the 'honeymoon.' ..... Now we all know by now, that those original 'stars in your eyes,' and your heart skipping a beat every time your SO walks into the room .... may go through a little metamorphoses in time. Kiddingly people, ask, "Is the honeymoon over yet?" .... { Does it have to be? } ... Or is it possible to think it could get better?

But who knows, maybe we are not even supposed to stay on that 'high' 24/7 .... so that we can get back to living and making one! .... For making rational decisions as we must do. After all, if my handsome prince brought me flowers every single day and we always had candlelight dinners, then what would we do to make a very special occasion 'special' ....They too could become ordinary.
And, you know, whether it be marriage, a new job, that new adorable puppy, with anything in the 'newness' phase ... (yes, phase) .... there is excitement, , like a bonfire of burning passion enough to take your breath away. You never knew life could be so great! ...But then: ..

Reality Check:

You discover Prince Charming snores like a rhino, the new job you wanted so badly has a new supervisor, but is she ever mean! And the adorable little puppy chewed your new shoe and pooped on the carpet! ....(eye roll)
It's the same with exercise. Just ask many of the diehards who make yearly resolutions, only to find they forget what it was they vowed to do after two weeks. (max) .... Newness wears off, the new car no longer has the 'new car' smell; your new shoes develop a squeak, etc.
This is where the trick comes in. To find the NEWNESS every day, day in and day out without it becoming a drag and believe something like being SPONTANEOUS really can work wonders! Ever noticed how a small child looks at life through newness of life as if they never saw before ...... (because probably, they haven't) ..... This brings me to two things:

1. Outlook .... finding new ways to make something 'ordinary' fun and exciting.
2. Fanning the flame and rekindling the fire every day. { never let a fire go out }
...{ It's harder to get them started again }

For those who ask the Valid Question: How do you keep the Motivation going?

Well Coach Nicole has a blog listing 100 Reasons to Exercise Now.

{ I saved that in my favorites} .... and do I ever love those Favorites ... what a tool!
{You can make your own list of as few as 10 or go to 100 as she did}

Here is just an example of a few of mine:

Reasons to Exercise Now ..
I will get my day started on the right foot )
I will get those endorphins moving & blood flowing and oxygen to my brain
It makes me feel confident ..
I feel better in my clothes.
I love having more energy.
I will avert many diseases.
I am moving forward today.
Spring is here and I am looking good in my shorts!

In marriage, I found the 'Better" never did take a turn for the 'bitter' or worse' and actually got Better' and the flame burns brighter and there is nothing that can extinguish our love. After 39 years together, I still look at the window or walk onto the sidewalk at 5:00 watching for him to turn the corner to our street and come home. To share stories of our day, and how he can tell of something so simple, yet say it in such a way I laugh myself silly! .... Or listen ... really listen to one thing I could never tire of ... the sound of his voice. And, yes, there are times he walks into a room, and I feel my heart just skipped a beat.

Whether it is marriage, or your journey here at sparks, it has a starting place and may take lots of bends and turns, but the Honeymoon need not ever end if you look for the newness in every day, as a child discovers the wonder in life, be grateful for all your have, and look for ways to be spontaneous. Keep the honey in the moon.

Thanks for stopping by friends .... Have a great day!
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