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Procrastination = self sabotage

Saturday, May 06, 2017

I find that procrastination not only steals my energy but it steals my joy. That guilt thing-- self condemnation lowers my mood and then I lose the impulse to do the right thing not only today but tomorrow again as well.

Over the last couple months my goals shifted from 12 miles of walking a week to 15. Then to a solid 3 miles a day 5- 7 days a week. Then up to 4. And this week up to 5 miles a day. But I have found that :

And I really do not have excuses that are valid. Its only 20 minutes for one more mile. What am I missing in that 20 minutes? staring at the wall? Doing the dishes that can wait? "Thinking" about mopping the floors?

I tell you what-- a few weeks ago it would have been 20 minutes of TV time that I was missing. Oh my word! what would my life have been like without those 20 minutes of TV?

And honestly-- if I use up 20 minutes on exercise I will have more energy and focus to accomplish more in other areas of my life.

so... for me-- I did 3 miles this morning. I just committed to do 1 more on the way home...but why not DO the 2 I have as my goal (to complete 5)? Its not raining yet! I have time! So here I go...I'm outta here to go walk.

What are you putting off?

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