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-The Accountability Factor-

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Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Interesting. Accountable even for what we do NOT do.
But it makes sense. When we drive our car, we are accountable for driving safe and obeying the laws. When we take a job, we take responsibility for the job description and are accountable to the owner or management. And, what about our own health?

Why Accountability?
Perhaps the most important result of accountability is trust, which is essential in any relationship. Being accountable to yourself, to something or someone means that you’re willing to make commitments having given your word, you carry out with action. This promotes the element of trust.

Once in the workplace, I thought I had seen 'it all.' I recall times when there was no supervisor or management around as they were off to 'more meetings.' Even though people were supposed to be adults ... (or so I thought) ....things often went amok! ...... One woman in our department quickly informs me she is going on her 15 minute coffee break and takes off down the street, over a bridge, and all the way to a store where she exchanged something.
(she actually tossed her uniform top behind some bushes and was wearing her tank
top so she could catch some rays. ...(eye roll)

Needless to say, over 25 minutes later she shows up .... laughing like she really pulled the wool
over everyone's eyes. She wondered why we could not become friends. (In the long run, she only fooled herself)

What made this person stand apart from co-workers that had work ethics and I could depend on and trust? She proved repeatedly, she lacked accountability and not one I would choose to hang out with.

So then ...
As I had been serious about breaking through a plateau with weight, I asked my husband, whom I consider to be more of an Eagle as opposed a chicken in the picture to be please feel free to ASK me over dinner what I did for my activity that day. ...Being accountable to myself and him meant support. . He obliged me while some mornings, when leaving for work, he would kiss me goodbye and ask: :Are you planning to go to the gym today?" ......

Me: "Yes"
Him: "Good."

Well you know, I always think, no matter what age .... there is always still a 'kid' in all or most of us. I just LOVE being able to say, "And guess what ELSE I did!" (now I want my gold star lol) emoticon

What a nice reward to have him say: "I see changes taking place and you're looking great!'

Another great tool is a personal journal.

I saved the best for last: With the challenge Spark Guy offered the community on April 7th , I got my sparks boarding pass and committed, really committed to my goal of getting over that hump! Daily I looked for his blog to come and eagerly pressed the 'spark button.' Amazing how that magical little tool worked wonders. Now I had two strong commitments, and being committed, not just interested as his posters say, I busted through the veil of 'plateau' and lost over 3 pounds in this time! ... I Found accountability brought reinforcement and strength. I also took measurements and from my last reading, I lost 3" off my waist! ... The accountability factor is proving itself. After all, didn't we join sparks for communal support?

Lately, I have read blogs where a person says they need motivation and I tell them about his challenge to the community. It is not too late to join in and see what happens when you push the spark button and commit. If you are reading, and have not checked this out by Spark Guy, this is where things began to finally change and they can for you too, so I include the link to his initial blog.


Thanks for stopping by friends! ... Make your day happy and full of good health choices.
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