Another Medical Update

Tuesday, May 02, 2017

So, I went to my new general physician on April 27th. She took more bloodwork, and also arranged for me to see an endocrinologist earlier than my other appointment. I saw the endocrinologist, and given the current time frame, the only way to get my blood sugar down within acceptable levels is to put me on insulin. My surgeon wants to do the surgery at the end of this month. I saw the Diabetes Nurse/Counselor today, and I'm feeling really good about the whole situation. She set me up with a V-Go, which I wear all the time. It provides a steady low dose stream of insulin continuously. Before I eat a meal or snack with carbs, I increase the dosage slightly. I see her in 2 weeks. Tomorrow I go to the drug store and pick up my glucose meter, testing strips, and insulin. No new clothes this month!! lol
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