Friday, April 28, 2017

I've been walking for 3-4 weeks now. It's every morning for 30 minutes and sometimes on my lunch break I'll walk a mile or two. Today, I go and walk on my lunch break and my shin splints start to hurt and burn. Ugh, I pressed on because they usually subside but they stayed strong.

On top of that, my feet went numb (I have poor circulation in my legs) and I'm walking feeling like I have no control of my feet what so ever. The worst part is that I have to walk along side the road in an industrial parkway area, so people are driving by and I feel like I look like Frankenstein walking because my feet feel HUGE. And I imagine that I look like I'm stomping one foot after another and moving so slow.

I hope that's not the case. But as I lose weight this will get better. My legs are not used to carrying this much weight. I've gained 76 pounds in the past 4 years. Ugh. But I am down 13 so far and I'm not giving up emoticon
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