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Taking charge of more areas of my life

Friday, April 28, 2017

These days I have taken charge of my eating and exercising behaviors, and the results are rewarding: my energy level is up and the scale is moving down.

There are some other areas in my life that have called to me, and I find myself taking charge of them as well.

1. Winter dry skin. Yuk! Every winter my skin dries out, flakes, and is very itchy. Winter skin dryness has always occurred - even before we started spending the winter months in the desert southwest. Now it's only worse.
However, who would be better to help me with this problem than an Arizona doctor?
She recommended two products: Cera Ve and Cetaphil. This winter I bought both of them and used not only the lotions, but also the body washes in place of any soap. Problem solved!

2. Dark spots. They come with age. I have loads on my hands, and don't worry about them. However, when two spots appeared on my face, I took notice. I truly didn't think anything would help with them. A pharmacist (in Arizona) recommended a small bottle of Vitamin E oil with aloe vera. (The brand he gave me was La Bella.) I have applied the oil daily for several weeks, and the spots seem to have faded somewhat. I will continue to apply the oil - which makes my skin feel better too.

3. Crowded and messy closet and drawers. In another direction altogether-- yesterday I noticed how crowded and disorganized my clothing seemed to be in my dresser drawers and in the closet.
I decided to start with just one drawer -and then just one shelf - taking out anything that I knew I would no longer wear. That included some dresses that I bought to wear to weddings in years past, and that I thought I would use again for future dressy events. Just this last year I had a few occasions to dress up - and in none of those instances did I want to wear those dresses. So those dresses are now in bags to be delivered today to Goodwill, where someone else can use them.
While I am not a hoarder, I do tend to hold onto items longer than I should. Yesterday, though, I rid all my drawers and closets of unwanted and unused items: costume jewelry, handbags, sweaters, and even some shoes and coats.
So, after starting with just one drawer and one shelf, I wound up cleaning out the whole bedroom - and a closet downstairs too.
There are seven large plastic bags in my car, awaiting delivery today to Goodwill.

I have now made room for some new pretty underwear - in all sorts of pretty colors. What fun!!

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