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Name Your Price

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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

If asked a "hypothetical" question: What price do you put on your self, based on your "present lifestyle," what might it be? $1 million, $5 million $10 million. Does the action we put forth with regularity correspond with the dollar value chosen? emoticon Think about it; but {this is just a brain tease, so no need to answer}

One of these doors gives nothing in return yet, one is prize-worthy if not priceless! ...
And remember .... the greatest wealth is our health ...

.."OH I hate it when I get asked that question!"

If I am a "couch potato' or enslaved to the internet, and my lifestyle is "hit and miss,' suggesting I prefer sedentary vs. active, would my actual value be more "nickel and dime" or "loose change?" { now remember, this is hypothetical and has nothing to do with what a wonderful person you are or past achievements ).

You see, when we're willing to pay the price ... emoticon ... of true commitment and diligence, then there is no dollar value amount because we are priceless.
I cannot be bought or bought off, for instance: Now, doesn't that make good cents? (sense)

Now then, let's say your bag is packed and ready to get to the gym . { or equivalent } But suddenly, you hear there is a GREAT sale at your favorite stores at the mall that you just CAN'T afford to pass up ! So you put your self on the back burner thinking, "I can always get my exercise in tomorrow ."

But the next day, a friend you have not seen for a while calls and insists on lunch and spending the day together .
Again, you tell yourself , "Why not? What could it hurt; after all I can always get to the gym tomorrow ."

Sure, we should be able to spend time with our friends and enjoy the pleasures of life, but what if everything that comes along puts our activity time on the back burner?

Why not invite the friend to go on a brisk walk at the park with you and then go out to lunch? And go to that sale, but get up earlier and get a workout in first and then you can enjoy yourself. Most problems come with a solution, if we look for them.

The stakes are high, aren't they? Sure they are! This is our health and very life we are talking about. Do we take out a hefty life insurance policy on ourselves for when we DIE or should we be insuring ourselves while we LIVE? After all, we don't want to be a day late and a dollar short!

If you are not satisfied with your initial answer Just keep playing until you win!

Again, you don't have to answer as it is just something to think about.
I know I am far more worth a plug nickel or a pocket full of loose change; how about you ?
One more thought: As one member said, "We can have a billion dollars in the bank, but if we don't have our health, what do we have?"

On a side note, I believe I 'upped' my game, making some changes to the bigger picture and losing 3# last week. ..... emoticon ....
if we were to lose' our health, what price would we be willing to 'buy' it back? Or could we?
Let's make it easy and keep investing now while we have opportunity.

Thanks for stopping by friends; now name your price and may the Price be Right!
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