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-If You Love Me-Prove It-

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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Back when I was in high school, that was the shiny Lure selfish-immature boys used on their girlfriends. " If you love me, prove it"

"Hey! How about I DON'T! ...SO HIT THE ROAD JACK!"

That line is as old as tattered underwear and needs to be hung out to dry once and for all LOL!..( I hope no one uses that anymore )

Thankfully, I am not on trial having to prove myself to anyone.

However, after 39 years of marriage, I can say there are ways to express love in a way that does not compromise self-esteem and yet benefits us both. And I know I can't do unto others
if I do not do for myself.

It is Choices I make Today and Every day that will enhance my health, and not bring harm.

You see, what I am willing to invest in physical activity and eating healthy is giving my best to prevent a host of illnesses from ravaging my body.

I remember SP coach once asking how we might see ourselves in our elderly years . One day a lasting impression was made as I watched family members push an older woman in her wheelchair at the doctors office . The woman was very frail and I thought: I am going to do everything I can now while able-bodied, to prevent being dependent on others to get take care of me.

Just saying the 'I love you" are empty words until put into action. They cost me no time or energy. I do say "i love you" and because of my love for you and myself, I will continue to invest myself in daily exercise and eat right and do everything in my power to maintain a healthy lifestyle until it is time for the final curtain call. Yes to independence.

This is the best way I can express my love to my husband as I would never want to be a burden to him, nor would he to me, nor spend our life savings on preventable illness.

In the state of Oregon, where we live, our county's obesity rates are on the rise and currently more than 27% of adults are obese. Nearly $1.6 billion is the annual medical costs paid by the state for obesity-related chronic diseases. Those numbers are staggering. That confirms to me, I can't afford messing around with my health or taking things for granted.

Granted, it is startling but what impressions pictures make! An unhealthy heart is not something we typically see outwardly, though unfortunately, often find out too late something was wrong. Invest in health today and avoid paying a hefty price tomorrow.

So many ways we can express our love. Aren't we worth it?
Thanks for stopping by friends and make it a healthy day! ... emoticon
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