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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Ah. Another day to explore and redefine.

I woke up early and tried to get back to sleep, but that wasn't possible.

So Benny and I got up and went outside for a short walk. We noticed the plum tree is in full open bloom, and the pear trees aren't far behind. The apple trees are sprouting new baby leaves. More daffodils opened, and the lupin is showing off it's beautiful blue/purple colors. The air felt warmer, and the sky is completely blue with the blue that only Spring gives.

Yes, Spring has arrived.

A new beginning has started.

But first I must continue with settling with the past.

I have been cleaning and organizing and throwing away and giving away a lot of DH's hoarder stuff.

Amazing what he collected! Like old bank statements from 20 years ago. Old magazines. CHOPSTICKS!!! chopsticks all over the place. I mean HUNDREDS of chopsticks!

I haven't found any real USE of the chopsticks, as he had most of them in bunches wrapped in rubber bands. Hidden in boxes, cases, on shelves. CHOPSTICKS!

Now what am I going to do with all these chopsticks?? There must be SOME use I can get from them besides throwing them away or hiding them in boxes of stuff I am giving away.

One idea is to keep one set of 8 for when I cook Chinese dinner and have my friends over.

That's one idea. OK. For another idea about use of Chopsticks is to use them as stabilizers for my orchids when they get too tall to manage on their own.

OK. That's TWO ideas.

I could put them in my purse and see if they are conversation starters with new people. No, they would probably think I need to be committed.

I could use them to play Pick up Sticks. No. I have too much arthritis in my knees.

I could teach myself how to make Fairy Houses with Chopsticks. No. I would only wind up with yet more stuff to get rid of.

I could use them to pretend I am a music conductor and play symphonies. No. I think I would believe I needed to be elevated and stand on a stool while "conducting", and fall of the stupid stool.

I could use them as kindling to start the fire in the wood stove.
That's THREE ideas. That would probably work well. Well, I would have to wait and save them until winter rolls around again, but I could do that.

I am finding extension cords all over the place, hidden under lots of other stuff. I am finding electronic "things" (of which I have no idea as to their use), but with no cords attached. We never could find an extension cord when we needed one. Now I know why. They were hidden deep in "Extension Cord Hidden Mountain".

I am finding boxes filled with old sales receipts from grocery stores, gas stations, restaurants, and empty bank checkbooks from years ago and we no longer bank with them.

So far I have come across 43 cases for eye glasses, some with glasses in them.

If you have a person in your life who is going through Alzheimer's or Dementia, they may become hoarders.

No use in complaining. You will only upset yourself and your loved one. They aren't going to stop, and the best thing I found was to not even mention the clutter. Clean up small areas at a time, preferably when they are napping. Load the trunk of the car with give- aways, and when you next get to go to town without them, drop them off.

The Dump is a good dropping off place, too.

Clutter will lead your loved one to becoming more confused and frustrated if you start to clean it up. Try to keep a not so obnoxious pile for them that YOU can live with. Clutter is not always a dirty word.

I worked the "clutter allowed" by having two tables. One in front of the sofa where he spent most of his time, and one where we used to eat our breakfast. Sure, it doesn't look all neat and orderly, but DH needed to know he had STUFF. It gave him comfort to see his jackets on the chair backs, his gloves on the seaman's trunk, and hats on the rack. It gave him comfort to see his many pairs of shoes lined up against the wall...........not tucked under the bed.....because he would think he was getting ready to go someplace, and could choose the shoes he would wear.

There are lots of little ways to live with this horrible disability, but it takes a gentle heart and a willingness to try to understand.

As our loved ones mover deeper and deeper into their own private world, they need their comfort of knowing they still exist, and will some day be able to use all their things again.

Even chopsticks.
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    Hi Sandy,

    I'm a bit late reading this post (where does the time go?).
    I use chopsticks for planting seeds. The hole they make is usually just the right size and then you can use them to cover the hole afterwards. If the plants are climbers, like peas or beans, you can make tepees with the chopsticks to give the plants something to climb.

    Blessings to you.

    695 days ago
    Thank you! I needed to read this today.

    If you have wooden chopsticks, they will also compost, Use #4.

    love you lots,
    698 days ago
    You are a remarkable woman.You handled your dear husband's disease with such grace and aplomb.He must have been a remarkable man to have inspired such a deep and abiding love in you.Your gentle approach with him and kindness speaks of the love you shared.
    731 days ago
  • BERRY4
    emoticon ...and creatively, lovingly written. Step at a time, as you see fit. Take care of you in the process.
    731 days ago
    You are such a remarkable woman to have lived with and dealt with this horrible disease with such insight and dignity.

    I love the idea of making a fire with most of the chopsticks - it could be a wonderful memorial for your husband. Be sure to keep some of the nicer ones to use.

    Are you getting any quilting time in for your sanity?



    731 days ago
    Sold Mom and DAd's condo this past Fall. Mom has Alzheimer's. I was dumb-founded @ all the stuff she had in that small condo! OMG. Yup. They're not going to stop so have to do it as you can. When the condo sold, of course, it was the BIG purge. Yikes. Wishing you luck.
    731 days ago
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