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-This Gal Is In The Fight For Her Life!-

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Monday, April 17, 2017

It looked like an ordinary day as I arrived at the gym. But in a flash, before my eyes, that changed. Suddenly the owner of the gym, a woman in her mid 50's walked in. I was stunned yet smiled when she looked at me and said, "Hi." I was on an elliptical machine and she got onto a rowing machine in front of me.

{ this is not her; but a lady that consented }

It was apparent she was in the fight of her life . Cancer. She was there on most days working and working out hard, except for the days she was so sick from the effects of chemotherapy.

She was rowing hard with her trim and well toned body and giving instructions to her client on the adjacent machine. In days to follow, it was plain to see: She is not giving up or feeling sorry for herself. She wants to live and is fighting hard!

That caused me to think, Do I treat each day as Ordinary or a new Opportunity? Is Monday a day to sigh and moan, or a day that offers a fresh new week? If I see the value in my health and put a pricetag on my life, and my time, regarding each day as a new chance, I can turn an " Ordinary" day into Extraordinary "! Why settle for less?

Those of you who know me, may know that I too was delivered a diagnosis that caused me to reach in to the depth of my core and fight back .... and hard ... never relenting, when a physician, gave me the cold and bitter news that I had an incurable condition that would see me into a wheel chair by the time I reached forty! .... I then said "NO" I will not!" and defied that bitter blow by hitting back! .... This condition is not something I can sit back and think I am done and have won the battle forevermore. I proved him wrong, but I still must be mobile, and choose exercises that will help alleviate pain and stiffness I have in my neck and spine. { ankylosing spondylitis } As I get closer to goal weight, not perfect' per se' yet, but I do maintain my health status of independence and walking upright and free from being bound in a wheel chair and dependent on someone else to care for me.

Are we promised forever in this life ? No, but we can improve the quality of our life and make the best of every day. And we can look at it as an opportunity to change Ordinary into Extraordinary ! My friend is fighting for her life and thankful for each day she is given . I will continue to do what I must Today for we never know what Tomorrow brings .

Thanks for stopping by friends and you enjoy this new week full of opportunities !
Remember this: Ordinary puts the Extra out front and you get Extraordinary! ...
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