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Where Does My Joy Come From 4/14/17

Friday, April 14, 2017

Where does my joy come from today....

....had a really great talk with my daughter Sarah last night. She is in her last weeks of college before finishing up with her Graphic Design Bachelor's. As all college students in her "final days", she is overworked, stressed, unsure if she chose the right path, feeling overwhelmed, much too behind in her work and overall just like laying down and giving up. I myself think she is one of the most talented and brilliant people I have ever met, but that pales in comparison to the burden a perfectionist like her puts on their shoulders. I am glad she voiced all her concerns, and praying for her to find the morning a fresh start full of promise and possibilities. 3 more weeks, hang on, little grasshopper! hubby brought me breakfast in bed and appears to be very much in love with me. In the words of a beloved Sparkfriend: I feel like I live an enchanted life. Cue Disney Movie music. We will be married a bazillion years on April 19. And every one is funner than the last. I am blessed indeed.

.... the horrifying coworker that made my life miserable the past months, has been fired for conduct unbecoming towards coworkers. The relief among my colleagues is almost tangible. Everyone stepped up to help out on the shifts she was scheduled, and the work is going so much smoother, although we are severely short staffed. I don't doubt that she is a fine person, but her social skills were that of an enraged 4 year old, and keeping her happy and her outbursts in check had become a full time walk on eggshells. Poor girl. I hope she will find a place of employment that triggers less explosions. For her sake. But I am hopeful that we will be okay. A client's grumpy observation yesterday: You need more people. I almost handed her an employment application, but she did not look like a good fit, lol.
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