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Big Business wants you fat.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

I'm age 60+. So that's my time frame for all the following:

Do you remember being very young, at a restaurant, and seeing "the Diet Plate" on the menu? I do. It was always cottage cheese, a piece of meat, and a half a peach sitting on lettuce leaf in my town. That's low-carb!

Why do I mention this? Because It was way back when we were very young that political interests decided to push carb-eating on America. We've been taught this is right-eating for 50+ years. Remember seeing all those magazine articles in your teens about how carbs are low-calorie, and how much MORE you could eat if you ate low-calorie -- and so eat PASTA to lose weight? Remember? And here's a recipe to make those carbs tasty! Remember? We had to be persuaded and taught to eat MORE carbs!

I minored in Food Science in grad school. Because we were born when we were, we do not realize how much NEW discoveries in science and medicine have changed our lives from our parents. It simply always WAS for us! We humans forget how recent all this knowledge is simply because it always existed for US since unquestioning childhood; and so we don't know to question it now. We simply think that "that's the way it is and always has been."

Well, it hasn't always been "that way." It wasn't that way for our parents; and the "experts" aren't the experts they think they are. Why? Because we don't have the depth of experience with the new knowledge to be able to be always RIGHT about our conclusions regarding how to USE that knowledge. So it turns out that OUR generation (in America) was a 50-year experiment in nutrition. It made us FAT (as historical information shows!). But nobody likes to be wrong! SO despite all the evidence of 50 years, we are still being encouraged to EAT CARBS!

And we will be encouraged to eat carbs for a long time yet. Big Business grows our food and has invested in genetic modification of grains, and pesticides and fertilizers to promote growth of their proprietary grains, and Big Business now makes a profit off providing medicine to counter the effects of eating carbs (diabetes) and getting fat (cardiac problems), and Big Business helps us lose weight -- well, at least for a little while, 98% of us fail at keeping it off. Big Business gave us "health insurance" to help us! Big Business doesn't want to lose all their money that they are making off all the mistakes made over the last 50 years! So Big Business has political lobbies to maintain the status quo (keeping us fat and sick and paying for it)!

And while I say "Big Business", let's not forget that there are real people behind all this. People at all levels have staked their careers on being right -- say nutritionists for instance. And Doctors. Lawyers. Teachers. Parents. If you go against "common knowledge," you're "wrong" and could be sued. And lose! The stakes are high! So nobody wants change. Change is dangerous and scary and difficult.

But science is finally catching up. There is plenty of scientific medical evidence accumulating that shows low-carb is a healthy way to eat. But YOU have to look for it and dig it out because Big Business and politics suppress this "dangerous" information.

I haven't lost all the weight I want to lose, and I do backslide, BUT I've been trying to do this LC thing right (conquer my bad habits) for... 25 years. That's right -- 25 years I've been low-carbing.
Guess what ? I'm still alive! Guess what? I DID do bloodwork before starting LC dieting, and I DID do bloodwork after a LONG stretch of being VERY GOOD on LC eating. TWICE! Guess what? I improved in EVERY category each time! In other words, I am HEALTHIER when I eat LC.

You have to pay the price either way -- in your health, or in bucking the current flow. The current flow tends to make you fat. How strong are you? I'm not saying you have to choose any particular way of eating. But for YOUR own health, for YOUR own amount of strength, for YOUR own money, it serves YOU to be right about YOUR choice. Don't be spoon-fed information like an unquestioning child. The internet is an amazing tool for digging deeper and getting information less "biased". Heck, it is an amazing tool for getting information that is MORE biased too! So be careful. Do your research. Your LIFE is in YOUR hands! Figure out what is right for YOU and only then, rest easy.

Know one last thing: What is right for you is not necessarily right for someone else. Even regarding what we eat. Sigh. If you don't like Big Business telling you what to eat, don't think anyone is going to appreciate YOU telling them what to eat either!
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    I'll have to remember that response! Good one!
    708 days ago
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    Thank you for blogging what goes through my mind almost every day now! 1 year eating real food for me...which happens to be low carb. When people argue about low carb being unhealthy I shut it down pretty quickly by asking how meat and veggies and real food is unhealthy? They realize how stupid it sounds!
    708 days ago
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