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-You Are A Lighthouse-

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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

A lighthouse is a thing of beauty and of great purpose.
It is to guide many a weary sailor back to the safe harbor so no one is lost at sea.

Do you have an untold story? A message that offers hope and inspiration to the one drifting. Perhaps you, like a blog I read yesterday from one who discovered since joining sparks that she no longer craves or likes the kinds of foods she used to eat ..."Being Healthy is Amazing" ... { very inspiring }

You see, there's as many successes along the way, as there are colors of the rainbow: some subtle, while others are noticeable, like pounds lost. { Don't we love those! } Maybe you are one who lost 5# last month, or your weight stayed the same but you lost several inches.
The clothes that fit one month ago are baggy and not right for the new changes you have made. Or you run into an old friend and they remark how wonderful you look! ... { we love those too! } So, how did you do it? Spark community loves success stories and we have many new people joining Sparks every day that are looking for answers.

You see, if you have been getting results since you joined Sparks, then you are a lighthouse in the Sea of Sparks. Why not illuminate those dark waters and with your inspirational story?

Think about the person who expresses frustration of being at a plateau for endless time ...
Feels a lot like drifting .... floating and not going anywhere, and wondering how long
they can last when they have lost sight of the distant shore.

Your encouraging words have enough light to expand across the sea and reach someone who is in despair. { If you don't think you have a story, maybe this could challenge you to see what you can do in the rest of April? } ... Miracles do happen!

Thank you for stopping by today and thanks sparks who continually lights my
my path.

P.S. Here is the link to Wytrix's blog: "Being Healthy is Amazing."
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