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04.12.17 Wednesday!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Today is Wednesday. I have tomorrow off and I'm looking forward to it!

Yesterday, Tuesday, was a wonderful day for me. My boss came up to me and told me my contract with them was supposed to end at the end of April, but something is happening in June and she's going to need all the people she can get, so she got permission from the powers that be to keep me, if I wanted. I did, I do. So I'm there until the end of June, now. Yes! I would hope at some point they decide to stop sharing me with the staffing agency and just outright hire me, but not sure if they will.

Woah! I just looked in the mirror on my desk which is aimed at the TV behind me. That way I can stop working and watch TV for a few moments if something of interest flashes into my day. You know how something can shock you for a moment. Like the way someone combs their hair. It isn't really ugly or beautiful, just so different that when you first see it, you jump back and really look at it. Unfortunately for me, it means I don't hear a word they say because I'm too busy wondering things, and trying to analyze why the do what they do. Not really critical, just trying to understand the thoughts behind the hair style or the colors they like to combine together.

It usually ends up making me feel like an idiot because I've missed what they were saying and it was probably something profound, but I missed it because of my seemingly inability to stop analyzing everything I see and hear. It's kind of irritating and I don't know how to change and I'm not sure I can, which probably makes it impossible to do because I already have this wall built up thinking I can't change that. My mind just laughs at me and says, "I'm programmed that way and you can't deactivate that programming."

Wonder who the IT Supervisor is in there? Hope I can find the "back door" there.

Have a wonderful rest of the week.
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