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Low Carb and updated Fast Food Plan

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

I took a diabetes education class with my friend, Cat! The dietitian there recommended that I try to get 10 servings of 15g carb, or about 150g per day as part of my plan to lower my blood sugar.

I can do this! I will do this!

I've updated my list of fast food so that it's a bit lower carb. I'm printing this out and keeping it in my car for when I need a quick meal on the go, but I will also be cooking a lot more of my meals at home.

My goal is to have about 3 servings of carb (45g) per meal, with one flex serving for a larger meal or a snack.

Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger (No Mayo) and Value Fries - 500 cal, 54g carb, 23g fat, 20g protein
Large Chili and Value Fries - 460 cal, 51g carb, 17g fat, 26g protein
Ultimate Chicken Grill (No Sauce, half bun) + Value Fries - 490 cal, 47g carb, 14g fat, 46g protein
Small chili + 5 piece Chicken Nuggets w/ BBQ sauce - 440 cal, 38g carb, 20g fat, 28g protein
Cashew Chicken Salad + Value Fries - 570 cal, 61g carb, 23g fat, 38g protein
Small chili + baconator fries - 660 cal, 61g carb, 33g fat, 29g protein

3 Extra Crispy Tenders, 1 biscuit, side of green beans - 610 cal, 50g carb, 30g fat, 34g protein
2 Chicken Littles (no mayo), side of green beans - 470 cal, 54g carb, 17g fat, 26g protein

6" Double Turkey, veggies, provolone, avocado - 470 cal, 55g carb, 14g fat, 31g protein

McDouble half bun + Small Fries - 580 cal, 45g carb, 30g fat, 25g protein
Premium Grilled Chicken (no Mayo half bun) + Small Fries - 550 cal, 54g carb, 16g fat, 35g protein
Egg McMuffin + Hash Brown - 480 cal, 46g carb, 24g fat, 20g protein

Taco Bell
Fresco Chicken Soft Tacos (3) - 450 cal, 56g carb, 11g fat, 36g protein
Cantina Power Burrito (Steak) - 470 cal, 41g carb, 22g fat, 28g protein
Dorito Taco Supreme (3) - 600 cal, 45g carb, 33g fat, 27g protein

HALF of a double steak, rice, black beans, fajita veggies, hot salsa, lettuce, cheese, sour cream, guac bowl - 612 cal, 52g carb, 29g fat, 35g protein
(eat half for lunch and save half for dinner)

Tim Horton's
Bagel BELT - 440 cal, 59g carb, 14g fat, 21g protein

Beef 'n Cheddar Sandwich - 445 cal, 44g carb, 21g fat, 22g protein
2 Jr. Roast Beef Sandiwches - 400 cal, 48g carb, 14g fat, 26g protein

Chick Fil A
8 piece nugget + small fries + honey mustard - 605 cal, 57g carb, 29g fat, 30g protein
8 piece nugget + sm chick soup + superfood side + honey mustard - 635, 63, 26, 39
Chicken Biscuit - 450, 48, 20, 19

Jimmy John's
Half of Beach club on wheat w/ sprouts & chips - 442, 47, 25, 19
(eat half for lunch and save half for dinner)

Pick 2 half panini and black bean soup or salad - 660, 52, 31, 40
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