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Friday, April 07, 2017

Ever had 'one of those' mornings where you step out on the wrong side of the bed?
Even the coffee has lost it's magic. Yep. ...Out of sync and Out of sorts!
grumble .... moan ... sigh ...yawn..... ugh ... and repeat five times...

And when asked a simple question; your reply is short one syllable "Yeh" or Meh" answers.

This is where past experience comes in. After all,did not raise three teenagers to learn nothing. I treated it today as I did then.

"We Need to have a talk!" ....{ same dialogue but said to self }

"What 'exactly' seems to be the problem?"
"Are you in horrible pain? ....Did you lose your Smart phone? . Are we poor and facing starvation? ..... Ok ... I am taking those groans to be a no. ...Yes?"

Well then, are you running from the law?
Did you get busted for some horrible crime and you are facing Jail time?

My guess is whatever it is, things 'could' be worse."
IF the answer is negative to the following interrogation ... then let's try Plan B.
QUICK REFLECTION: in an attempt to reach the adult lurking somewhere in the hallowed halls of my existence:

FLASHBACK: ... 1981 with infant daughter ... EMERGENCY!
Remember when you lived way out in the country .... and you and hubby
had to drive in a life and death emergency with infant baby to get her to the
emergency room and then surgery in an ice-storm in the middle of the night?
All we could see was a thick blanket of white while racing over black ice .... 40 minutes from town!

Am I facing that kind of emergency right now?"
Does any minor complaint begin to compare?


I go through my check list of what is "right" ...
Live in a great location .... in a quiet neighborhood ...
Have good health ...a great husband ....{ I could go on ...but }
Suddenly the groans begin to subside ..{ I feel a smile starting to emerge }

My WOW' Moment:

So That's IT? ...
Like NO one on the planet has even had to face something so terrible?
Now .... what was the problem again? ... Can't remember? ... hmmm

OK ....OK ...I GET IT! ... emoticon

Feelings can be magnified to be larger then they really are ...
(the mind has a way of blowing things out of proportion) ....
In retrospect ... take that moment and look now ...
Are things really so bad? ...
Are some aches and pains that cropped up again terminal or a temporary inconvenience? ....

On that note ... since I had to talk to the 'teen' within ...... I can get on with my day
and be grateful for all I have been given! ...

Moral of the story

Take a pause from life's difficulties and let's be glad we have a bed.

Then put on a happy face and Go Gettum!
Thanks for stopping by and Happy Friday to you!...
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