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Who Matters Most?

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Tuesday, April 04, 2017

When you get ready to go out in public, even when dressed comfortably and casual, do you present yourself attractively? .... Is it for yourself or what 'others' think .... even strangers? .... emoticon

Something occurred to me while I was starting my morning meditation. I got my DH off to work, spruced up the kitchen, and checked the dinner menu plan.

Before I sat down .... I asked myself:
"How long are you going to stay in your P.J's? .... "Lead us not into temptation" ... heading into my comfy cozy chair ...(after all, no one sees me but me and my new baby bird) .... but then ... I suddenly remember ... a quiet house can make for a comfort zone. ......and possibly all the harder to get into gear. ... Quick! .. Detour!

SO .... I splash cold water on my face, and instead of getting into frumpy 'whatever' kind of clothes, .. I pick comfortable, yet attractive shorts, top, tennis shoes, (no stains or tears lol) and pause to look in my full length mirror ...am I dressed to match the 'success' minded affirmations, that is like one who succeeds? ... Am I caring as much about my own appearance; or is it reserved for the opinions of 'others?'

You see, every time you look in the mirror or see your reflection in a store window ; just like a camera, the lens of your eye snaps a picture and sends the image to your brain, where the observation formulates an opinion and draws a conclusion.
Haven't you quickly assessed your appearance and thought, "Hmmm ... I'm looking pretty good today." .....Or ..."What's up with my hair!" ..."Think I will take a minute and apply a touch of makeup .. and add those small hoop earrings I love). .... Little touches ... strokes an artist loves.

We observe so much around us ... can you imagine just how much our eye sees each day? ... What a marvelous gift we have been given! ..

But do we dress for ourselves and present ourselves in such a way that when we see our reflection, we can be proud .....and want to look nice ... Just because!

Do you like the image looking back at you ... because we can make some changes.

Today I will walk with self esteem, wear a smile and like the reflection I see in the mirror .... If I run into someone who says "You look great!" as happened the other day .......I will smile, thank them ... and then smile at myself!

In conclusion ....Hopefully, this resonated with some of you .... as I say sincerely ... "who matters most? ...When we go home end of day, we are not taking that 'stranger' with us .... we may never see them again .........But we DO see OUR own reflection today and every day, which leaves an impression.... I think WE matter most! ... How about you?

Have a great day everyone and thanks for stopping by! ...
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