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Triathlon Training: Week Two

Monday, April 03, 2017

Week Two of my triathlon training is going well! I love doing three different types of exercise on a regular basis. As a runner, my go-to is always a run, even when something else might be better for me....I'm a liytle lazy that way. But running is hard on my joints and my body is thanking me for this change! Last week, I did (loosely), two days each of running, biking and swimming. On the swimming days there was also a walk and a run. I've lengthened the workouts a bit because the program was for newbies and I'm fairly fit. However, I have introduced heart rate training to the mix, in the interest of building a strong aerobic base. The aerobic zone is also the far-burning zone, so maybe it will help with wright loss too. And I think it will also help with pacing during the race. I got a Mio heart rate watch since it was the best rated strapless heart rate monitor I could find. I spent the weekend playing with it and learning how it works and hopefully it will be helpful. I think I have it set about right, using the "220" method. I was using it while running this weekend and forward to using it. It's difficult staying in that zone but if it helps me increase my speed and endurance over the long term, that will be a good thing. I also got the clip less pedals and guess what I did within the first minute of us in them? You guessed it - fell ovet and skinned my knee! It was my foolishness, the bike shop told me I should try them out in a field first, but I was just a little too eager. And didnt realize that i had to get on the bike differently. You cant just put your foot on the pedal a d swinh your other leg over, you have to get on and then clip one foot on and push off. I went for a ride after that, though and practiced clipping in and out a LOT, even when I didn't need to. And I like them! I never would have gotten them if I didn't have a trail to ride on, I wouldn't want to use them a lot riding on the road. We'll see how I feel when I get more used to them. And the swimming is great. Such a strange thing, I hated swim team as a kid, I was slow and the coach was mean. As in never mjnd, just get out, you're taking too long. Wow. Who does that? Now I go at my own pace, and it feels good. I've gotten a little faster aleady, and after watching some You Tube videos, my stroke had improved and gotten more efficient - it takes me fewer strokes to get down the pool. Basically, I love a new challenge! And this is a good one. Consumption is a lagging indicator. Between trying to figure out how much to eat and being hungry due to the additional exercise , it's been a challenge. And my average daily consumption had risen about as much as the increase in exercise. Leading to no weight loss. But I think I have a handle on it now. I've been careful to fuel my workouts both before and after with the right stuff (carbs and protein, thanks SLENDERELLA!) and I'm going to drop the calories a bit now. According to my scale, my muscle mass has increased so not all bad news! Overall a good week, and I'm looking forward to another one! Cheers to all my Sparkling friends and may you achieve all you set out to do!
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