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Question to Cat owners

Saturday, April 01, 2017

First, some back ground. Ananya is the first cat we ever owned. She was a feral kitten that we raised from 3 weeks old. After a year, we felt she needed company during the day when everyone was at work and we rescued a 3 month old that we named Max. Max taught Ananya how to purr and how to play when they were younger. Ananya is now 16 years old and Max, aged 15, crossed the Rainbow Bridge in early December. We had a vet come into the house to put him to sleep. Ananya did sniff him and seemed to understand he was gone. Since then, Ananya has become more vocal and will call (she has one particular meow) to find us several times during the day. Each day it seems to become more often and louder. She used to only do that if we went to bed without telling her first. This morning she was calling so loud she woke me up from a sound sleep. If she is near one of us, she is fine; but, if DH leaves his computer upstairs and comes down to eat, she starts calling.
My question is for experienced cat owners - is she becoming lonely because Max is gone even though they only slept near each other occasionally? What can we do to help her?
We are planning to get a couple of kittens in June after I stop watching grandkids all day. Any advice would be helpful.
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  • KAYDE53
    I think you've received some good advice from the others so I won't add, although I believe I might check with the vet too and make sure she's alright physically. Bless you for your good care of Ananya and hope one of these solutions works. Sorry for your loss of Max.
    748 days ago
    Yes, she misses her companion but do not
    introduce kittens. She will not adapt well to them.
    748 days ago
    Cats grieve and suffer separation anxiety just like people do. We adopted 2 kittens that were rescued from a meth lab. Among other issues, they call out for us when we are out of sight. It is not as much as in the beginning, but there were many animals in that meth lab, and for a long time they seemed to be in grieving for the rest of their litter. It does improve with time. If you do get a kitten, be sure to get more than one so it has someone it's own age to play with.
    749 days ago
    sorry for your loss on Max. it is hard to loose one of our beloved pets.
    i have and have had feral kitties that i have tamed down and rescued. i actually have 4 that were ferals and are now tame living in the house with 3 other kitties. my oldest kitty is 14 yrs old and the youngest isn't a year yet. well, let me tell you the last 2 kitties tamed down and brought into the house has caused a problem with my older kitties. the last 2 are the youngest ones. Marble is less than a year and Hobo is going to be 2. Twerps is the youngest of the older kitties at 9 yrs. and DJ is the oldest at 14 yrs. these guys are so settled in their life and having the 2 younger ones have upset the happy quiet household of kitties. i find myself regretting bringing the younger 2 into the house. they seem to chase and pick on the older ones and i am yelling at them.

    first off i would check with the vet and make sure your kitty doesn't have a problem. she may like a new buddy, but i would adopt an older kitty that is more settled and laid back.

    i also used to have 2 dogs. an older one and a younger one. they were close. i lost the older one last Sept. i was worried how the younger dog would do. she did very well and didn't seem to carry on. i think it was because the one younger kitty has made the dog his buddy. Hobo just snuggles right up to my Aussie dog. he waits for her to come back inside from going potty and just rubs up to her under her chin.

    i think even though your 2 kitties weren't always together they did know the other was there and didn't feel alone. is your home quiet at times when she is meowing? if so maybe you might like to leave a radio playing on low for her. when i will be out of the house for awhile i turn a radio on. (i even have a radio playing in the barn for my horse as she is the only horse and is by herself on a neighbors property.)

    this is all i can think of. please let me know how things go for you.

    oh, just thought you are watching your grandkids. is this something that you have been doing or just started? do you go to their place or do you sit them at your place? what i'm getting at has there been other changes since Max passed away?

    just giving you things to think on.
    749 days ago
    First, let me say, thank you SO much for giving those two rescue kitties a loving, life-long home. I'm sorry for your loss of Max. I do believe that Ananya is grieving (I've had rescue kitties all my life, and i've worked in shelters). She will take comfort in your company, so don't be too alarmed by her crying.

    One thing I think I would advise is not to get kittens. Very senior cats (16 is very senior), don't like the disruptive energy of kittens and won't relate to them at all. Cats are very different from dogs in welcoming newcomers. I would just let Ananya live out her days as your only kitty -- or, perhaps adopt a calm older dog.

    All of this is strictly my own opinion, of course.
    749 days ago
    There is a thing called kitty dementia that affects some older cats. They get lost in their own homes. I had a 14 year old who would do this loud calling. He would keep it up until I called back and told him to come to me. Then he'd be fine. If your vet has checked the cat and found no other health issues, it's just something you will have to live with.
    749 days ago
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