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Spring Cleaning And Guests Coming!

Saturday, April 01, 2017

DH finally cleaned off the back porch! This is amazing because this is the man that would buy charcoal, let it get rained on, so he'd buy some more, but leave the charcoal that was wet on the porch! Repeat! So frustrating! Now we have the grill and smoker, in clean areas (he cleaned the whole porch), brought a table from upstairs to put out so he would have a work space for when he is grilling... and grilled some burgers and mushrooms last night!

I wanted a burger so bad, but I stuck to my guns and had a portobello mushroom cap burger with grilled onions and red bell peppers. And you know what? It was AMAZING! I had grilled asparagus and French green beans instead of chips. So good I didn't even miss the meat! I ate way too much though.

While DH was cleaning outside I was cleaning inside. I rearranged the kitchen appliances so that it made more sense and didn't have dirty dishes in front of everything thing (we have a dirty dishes counter for when the dishwasher is running and all the appliances were there, talk about things getting in the way!!) We are way behind on cleaning dishes and grilling out last night did not help! But we will catch up today and then I can finish cleaning the kitchen and get everything where I want it.

Oh, and a runaway cantaloupe knocked over my freshly brewed coffee and broke in a million pieces on the floor. That was my favorite cup. And what a mess to clean up on top of everything else! I was cleaning, helping DH outside, getting the veggies and meats ready for the grill... I was one busy Flea! Plus I'm sick so I feel horrible and I still haven't 'caught up' on sleep. Yet here I am at 0600 unable to sleep again. I woke up a lot last night but I wouldn't let myself get out of bed, so I don't know if that helped or not with the sleeep.

We've got company coming this next weekend... DH's best friend from NJ, whom he has never seen in person, they are best friends though. They just talk and chat online all the time. All. The. Time. LOL, I'm so glad they finally get to meet! Yay! I can't wait till they come too, my youngest DD is his son's pen pal, and my oldest plays Minecraft with his son all of the time. Should be great to meet them. We are going to grill out, go to the Atlanta aquarium (well, if my anxiety is not okay I may not go) and go out to eat someplace nice.

My anxiety is still pretty bad. I talked to my therapist and she agrees that it is random and so finding a cause is going to be really hard, if there even is a cause. Sometimes there is no cause, that is why it is called 'generalized anxiety disorder' there is no cause, it just is. I really hope I can get my service dog soon. I worked it out and I have to have $4,000 before I can get the process started. I'm at $1,500 raised, plus I'm putting away as much as I can every month, I don't have a number on that right now though. If I get an adolescent dog, which is what I and the trainer want to do, it will be 6 months to a year before I can get the dog, it all depends on how well the dog responds to the training, how old the dog is, and how much I want the dog to learn. I have a list, so probably closer to a year after I raise the money.

Back to Spring Cleaning! I have put all of my winter stuff in a box, including all of my crocheted hats and such. Takes up so much less room in the closet! I'm going to see about having DH do the same, he has a ton of clothes that he never wears because it is too small. Time to give it up and buy some more clothes that fit him! Or at least put those clothes in a box to keep till he loses some weight. The girls are putting up their winter clothes as well so that I know how much summer clothes they actually need. The living room looks a mess again, but the way we have it arranged, even a little mess looks like a huge one, so must keep on to the kids not to make messes in there. It is a small space because my treadmill is behind it.

Next (after the dining room and the kitchen) on the Spring Cleaning list is are all the closets. All of them. The front closet is games and coats, and the games have gotten out of control! Next is the closet under the stairs, I don't even know what is in there besides books and holiday stuff!! But that will be after this week. This week we are concentrating on getting the house looking good enough to have company and DH wants it looking as good as can be for his bestie.

Still feeling sick, but pushing through it. Can't push through the anxiety when I get it though, it demands all of my attention, or I end up doing things like putting my freshly made coffee in the fridge. Then wondering what on earth happened to my coffee. Oops.LOL. Gotta laugh at it, otherwise I'll cry.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend and that you have beautiful weather! What are your major Spring Cleaning projects? I know ours was the back porch (what a mess!) and the kitchen (still a mess!)!?

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    Great job on the spring cleaning! I need to start that as well, but so tired after work and/or physical therapy that it doesn't get done...we will see in a couple weeks if they increase my thyroid meds again. I hope the visit is wonderful!
    1298 days ago
  • SILVER1369
    1300 days ago
  • no profile photo CD14651201
    emoticon Here is a new coffee cup to replace your favorite one that broke :o) As always I see you're busy, busy, busy! I sooooo understand your anxiety and panic issues. I have the mobile vet coming on Monday to give my son's dog bos shots and I have been full of anxiety since I made the appointment on Friday. I even thought about cancelling several times but pushed through. Just have to get through today! You wouldn't believe that something so simple could cause such anxiety! I can't even imagine if I had company coming like you do. Well I am going to try and get a bit more sleep. Hugs and prayers. Try to relax and just enjoy the visit. I'm going to try and do the same and stop wanting to redo the whole house before the vet arrives! emoticon
    1303 days ago
    I am fortunate to have a cleaning lady weekly (I work a LOT so want to enjoy time off) so we have to pick up constantly - she can't clean if it is messy. It is a win/win. Of course all this rain and snow means mud so I am steam cleaning the floors constantly - muddy paw prints everywhere!
    1304 days ago
    Mine's the kitchen, unless my husband tells me otherwise. He wants to work on the basement, but I don't see us starting on that until he gets taxes done, I look them over, and they are sent on their merry way. The refrigerator, microwave, a cupboard, and a few drawers are finished!

    1304 days ago
    Haters gonna hate, had to remove the name of my fund-raising account, so if you are wondering what it is, please private message me. (didn't put a link or anything, just the name, so wondering who got their panties in a knot, lol)
    1304 days ago

    Comment edited on: 4/1/2017 7:24:59 AM
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