Lipedema... who knew??? **Extremely important information to share**

Thursday, March 30, 2017

I have learned some exceptionally important information about myself and have also learned that there are over 11 million women in the US alone who have the same issues and have most likely not been diagnosed yet.
In Oct 2016, I went to my primary care MD and expressed complete and total frustration over the swelling in my lower legs and my exasperation's as to why I could not lose the weight I have been carrying around for my entire adult life.
My doctor suggested starting me on a diuretic and said if it didn't work that she wanted me to see a lymphedema specialist... the lymphedema specialist is the one who told me I had lipedema!!! I was like... "what in the world is lipedema???" I have been learning so much since that day... Feb 14, 2017... WOW!!! I bought the book: "Lymphedema and Lipedema Nutrition Guide" by Ehrlich, Iker, Herbst, Kahn, Sears, Kenyon, McMahon... this book, the diagnosis and the lymphedema specialist have completely changed and essentially save my life!!!

Here are some websites that you can reference in order to become informed on lipedema as a disease and understand how to recognize it and distinguish between obesity, lipedema and lymphedema.
a. Source: http://www.lipedema-simplified
b. Source:
c. Source:

Since being diagnosed, I have changed my diet to a Mediterranean Gluten free one, I have started compression therapy with my Lipedema specialist and have started taking some of the recommended supplements in order to get my cells to work better. Since the 20th of Feb, I have eliminated 21 pounds (primarily water that was stuck in my legs).
When I started with the lipedema specialist, she took measurements of my legs... my ankles to my hips and measured the circumference every 4 cms... she calculated that I had 26,000 cc's of fluid blocked in each one of my legs (this equates to 50 lbs per leg). My lymphatic system is completely dysfunctional for pushing the fluid up and out of my body... it does not pump it up and out... it allows it to go out to my extracellular tissue spaces. Dieting and exercising do not fix lipedema... compression therapy and surgery are the only things that will help move the fluid out.

I am very dedicated and compassionate about my health and my life long journey of trying to lose weight.
If you are someone who has fluid blocked in your lower legs, or has large thighs/ hips with a smaller upper body, you may have lipedema. Check out the websites above and see if you can be helped my any of this information.
The struggle is real… but at least I finally have some answers as to why I haven’t been able to lose this weight!!!
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