RIP Bogie

Monday, March 27, 2017

I swear, it's one thing after another lately. We had to put my cat down yesterday. emoticon He hadn't been doing well for the last few days, and we were planning on taking him to the Vet today or tomorrow. My FIL found him yesterday morning, and he was just laying there. He actually thought he was already gone. They got me and hubby up, and we sat with him for a good chunk of the day. We actually expected he would just slip away. Later in the day, he started to seize, so we took him in. My poor baby had so much going on. Renal failure, kidney problems, his blood sugar had severely dropped, and there was blood in the stool. They said they could try to treat him, but it was just as likely that he'd still die. emoticon

So we had them bring him in so we could say goodbye to him,and made the hard choice to put him down. He was 18, and I'd had him for 11 years. I'm so heartbroken. I miss him so much. I'm pretty much walking around in a fog; I keep thinking I see him. Or I get startled when his bowl's not there, then I start crying. Or his treat canister. Or any number of things that were his.

I'm pretty much running on comfort food today, and I don't care. I should care, but the only reason I ate at all yesterday was because of the baby.

He was 18. He had a good life, and he was very much loved. And boy is he missed. I love you Bogie.
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