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Vanity and Weight Management

Monday, March 27, 2017

WooHoo! This morning I weighed 123.6, the second lowest weigh-in of my adult life, 88.4 pounds below my all time high. 123.2 in May of 2015 was my lowest.

Yesterday I sucked it in and stretched tall to camouflage my muffin top, and posted a picture flattering to my middle. That works, but gee, then I have to breath. Yep, I'm the same weight but softer in the middle than I was the last time I was this weight. My recurring back issue has messed with my strength training. That and age has meant a softer middle, I suppose. I was tempted to post my picture with muffin top to show my readers, but vanity. I had deleted the pudgy ones!

I have the occasional thought that a little lipo and skin removal would make a big difference. And then I look at the pictures and think if I were to do some surgery a neck and facelift would do more for my overall appearance and my batwings could use some work, too. Truth is, I am vain. But not vain enough to want surgery. I am 67 years old. It's okay.

And there is something fun about looking kind of old, almost frail, and then running like the wind and surprising everyone younger racing around my pace. The dyed hair runners don't get that laugh as often as I do! So that is an advantage of looking my age.

Back in 2014 I tried intuitive eating for 11 months, rarely tracking, just trying to eat right. My conclusion was that if I want to maintain around 135 pounds with a week of "dieting" maybe twice or three times a year when I go over 135, I can do that. There is something appealing about peace with food. But I am too vain. I like being smaller.

To be smaller I must track. My best weight management is when I pre-plan my eating and then stick to the plan. I would love not to have to work so hard at it, but now is not the time to back off. I am going to try to maintain at this weight or a pound less. It's going to be work. I don't have packaged meals now and haven't for two weeks. I spend time planning, cooking, and deciding what calories are worth eating. Measuring and portion control are key. I must prepare for holidays, visitors, changes in schedule, and emotionally challenging times that could derail me. Don't want a repeat of October-December 2016 when I gained primarily due to emotional eating.

So we have determined that I am vain. How can I use that vanity to help me manage my weight?

1. Remember that soft middle and prioritize my physical therapy to stretch and strengthen my back so that I will be able to go on to tighten my abs. I've been doing my PT, but not as consistently as I could.

2. Remember that soft middle as I work to develop meal plans and a routine that truly
will support me at this weight. Stick to my SparkPeople nutrition ranges. I am considering seeing an RD or nutritionist for a plan specific to me.

3. Vanity is one of my motivations for running. But the joy of running is an even bigger motivator!

4. Take the time to look better -- like, make up more often. Better clothes selection. Fix my hair better and more often. Manicures. Pedicures. Maybe a facial. But don't let that vanity interfere with working out. When I feel like I look good it is easier to eat right!

5. Accept the aging process. I can still look good for my age, just like I run good for my age!

6. And when I get maintenance down for this weight, and I know what/how much to eat to maintain, and am doing it consistently, then it will be time to emphasize routine and true peace with food. Vanity will take a backseat, because it will just be who I am. It may never be easy. Okay, it will always be challenging. But I can do it. It is worth it. And looking good, vanity, is a major motivator.

Health is paramount. But I suspect 135 pounds is just as healthy for me as 123 pounds. Vanity is what motivates the lighter weight. So be it!!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Good for you.
    I understand the vanity . I am too.
    You know the song,
    You're so vain."? That's me.according to a close friend.
    Used to say there wasn't mirror I could walk past and not turn to look.
    Well that changed when I gained to 350 from a life time of 135 or so.
    Then at 68 I turned back the hands of time losing 200 lbs and regaining my self esteem.
    When I was obese, I never looked in a mirror, didn't know that old fat lady.
    When I lost weight, I could get in to fashionable clothes, was quite a clothes horse.
    Now I'm not ashamed to say I'm 75, don't look it, don't feel it,
    I accept age, but a healthy age.
    I too know the figure will be different from the one I had early, that's ok., just be healthy.
    Keep up your success.
    Spark on.
    Tisha emoticon emoticon

    876 days ago
  • 52BINCE
    You are right as vanity can be used in a positive way especially when it comes to health n fitness goals....
    877 days ago
  • BLUEJAY1969
    I think you are beautiful just the way you are.....for any age. If being proud of your appearance helps you lose/maintain your weight then it's just another tool in your box. I wouldn't call it vanity to want to look nice when you aren't working out! You inspire so many people and I am one of them!
    878 days ago
    Oh, I love that kind of vanity. I think it's what keeps me from going overboard in my eating. I don't go for plastic surgery but I surely go for all the non-invasive dermatological procedures. I don't agree to aging gracefully if it means accepting whatever it comes. I age alright, but I give a fight to it.

    You are doing emoticon
    879 days ago
  • ALICIA363
    Vain Girls Unite!
    When I look good, I like to work out more, too! emoticon
    879 days ago
    As long as you are healthy, go for your dreams!
    879 days ago
  • NANCY-
    You are one awesome lady.
    879 days ago
  • WBERRY57
    Thanks. You are very inspiring. emoticon
    879 days ago
    "And there is something fun about looking kind of old, almost frail, and then running like the wind and surprising everyone younger racing around my pace. "

    So awesome !!

    I relate to this blog, my numbers are even the same as yours, 135 is my intuitive eating weight and 122 is my goal weight.
    "Health is paramount. But I suspect 135 pounds is just as healthy for me as 123 pounds. Vanity is what motivates the lighter weight. So be it!!"

    When I write up my BDS Day 1 card I always feel there is too much vanity in it. But I know that if I am not vigilant and practicing those wonderfully effective Beckniques, at a menopause state of life that is now mine, it is so easy to gain weight, so I rationalize that vanity is part of my motivaition for staying healthy and being able to run as fast as I do

    Congratulations for successfully addressing your late 2016 weight gain and restoring yourself to your health and fitness goal !!
    879 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/28/2017 2:45:46 AM
  • _LINDA
    I beg to differ with your use of the term vanity. Nothing at all wrong with wanting to look your best and especially feel your best. It could be said someone who doesn't dye their hair hasn't a vain bone in their body. You are simply expressing complete self confidence and the rewards of a healthy and fit lifestyle. Vain would be to get a facelift or a botox. You have allowed us to enjoy your beautiful smile and zest for life 100% naturally! Thank you for that!
    880 days ago
    I love this blog. I appreciate that you share your thought processes with us. It's so helpful. And I love your natural beauty. You're much lovelier than the artificial look we see on TV these days.
    880 days ago
    Congrats on reaching your 2nd lowest weight loss ever. That is an awesome undertaking. You have done very well. Keep maintaining and enjoy your running.
    880 days ago
    Woo Hoo you! emoticon
    880 days ago
  • MARTHA324
    Accepting ourselves is key and like you (almost 67) I look at the extra skin and think of getting rid of it, then say "nah!"
    880 days ago
  • HOLLYM48
    You are absolutely amazing. You look great and your running pace is so awesome. Spark on!!
    880 days ago
    Your blog made me smile! Yup, I guess I'm vain too. I want the smaller clothes (for once in my life)! I see the signs of aging as well but it would be so much work to keep up with it all (surgery wise). I like the idea of just surprising the heck out of people with what I can do in middle age. You are a rock star and a wonderful inspiration to me!
    880 days ago
    Congrats and thanks for the inspiring blog :)
    880 days ago
    Saw your weigh in post this morning and sensed it might be approaching an all time low adult weight. If vanity motivates you, use it to your advantage. Keep making healthy choices and enjoy your runs!

    880 days ago
    I think, as we all do, that you are doing great. I don't suppose it would be easy doing maintenance but its something we all have to learn sooner or later. Just think positive.
    880 days ago
    You are beautiful just the way you are! Cheers to all your successes! Enjoy the feeling of out running the young uns! Cheers to you!
    880 days ago
    I can relate to all you are saying. emoticon
    880 days ago
    I had to smile...I am 66 and people are shocked when they find out. I think I look it, but my energy and efficiency beats out most of my colleagues. My weight is getting lighter and lighter. That's a good thing... I am at the lightest since I got married and maybe even before that. My high school weight was 135, but I am under 130 most days now...going between 128-130. My drop ended the plateau when I did my PT exercises...mostly stretching for the back, twice a day! Yippee!! We can do this!
    880 days ago
    Making peace with vanity and actually USING it for motivation: nothing wrong with that, nothing at all!! Fun blog.

    (And: I'm with you on the surgery. Absolutely support anyone else who wants it but: not for me!!)
    880 days ago
    I hear you!! Congrats on the scale--shouldn't be so important but it is! Vanity is my deal, too!!
    880 days ago
    It's all about happiness: "not vain enough to want surgery" would definitely describe me, too... I look at what sags, imagine what it would be like without it sagging so much... then think about how long it takes to RECOVER from surgery and what it would do to my training! Don't want to give up the weeks of being active, which makes me happy!

    Here's to happy, whatever our age and weight! emoticon emoticon
    880 days ago
    Congrats to your weight loss success in maintenance,
    and to the Second Lowest Weight Ever!

    You are amazing, enjoy all the good things that come with your healthy lifestyle!

    880 days ago
    emoticon for sharing! Thanks for being honest about yourself! I am in my mid 40's and I am definitely not where you are. I was down to 138 but then a couple years a go I left myself go a little bit too much! I am back trying to eat right but the scale just doesn't go down like it used to. I try to eat vegetables and fruit and I work out every day even high intensity interval training, but I am Peri-menopausal so this doesn't help matters. I just love myself for who I am and I still dress up and wear makeup, but I am not going to be hard on myself for what my scale says I weigh because I will continue to eat right and workout and hope that maybe one day again the pounds will come off, but right now I have to be satisfied with 152 and I am! I think you look just fine and you are an inspiration to me to never give up! I would love to be 138 again especially if I were in my 60's! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    880 days ago
    I am your age so I can relate to so much of this blog. Whatever it takes to get to where we want to be is the answer. That's what I like about Spark People, everyone seems so accepting. emoticon
    880 days ago
    LOL - totally understand the desire to look your (our!) best possible at all times. And, well, I don't really want the surgical options, but it is tempting.

    My usual is to wear fitted slacks, shorts, or skirts, and go with loose tops. Hides that jiggly muffin part.
    880 days ago
  • GABY1948
    This is an absolute perfect attitude! At 68 here soon to be 69 I'm fine with how I am though long ago after coming down from 336 pounds I did have the skin removed from my middle....and am very glad I did but that was extreme and most people would not benefit that much my loose skin was ALL around my middle and I am blessed with that! It's amazing that age can "mellow" us out so much and I for one am is REALLY too short at this stage!

    GREAT blog and attitude! And I agree with whoever said it, "YOU got this!"!

    emoticon emoticon
    880 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/27/2017 2:21:14 PM
    Bothering about how we look, and how others see us, is human - thank you for being so honest. I'm reading 'Refuse to Regain' Barbara Berkeley at the moment - and I came to the bit where she talks about wearing 'revenge clothes'! It kind of shocked me when I first read it, but then I realized that I DO get a buzz out of knowing people looking at me and thinking 'she looks slim in that' (and I'm 62 so I know what you mean about older ladies running) Keep on running, and showing the best of ourselves!
    880 days ago
    I think you are positively beautiful .... and wouldn't change a thing ...(surgically wise) .... You are undoubtedly an inspiration to all ages .... Young, older and inbetween! ... Change not ... just keep on being awesome and amazing!
    880 days ago
  • no profile photo SHAPNUP
    I'm in my mid-50's and have been getting comfortable with myself. Maybe too comfortable! Your #4 really hit home with me. Since I retired, I've let go of the makeup and I've been dressing down a bit more. No need for that! I agree with what you said - when we look good, we feel good, and it's easier to eat right.
    880 days ago
    Maybe it's vanity, but another result is that you will run faster at the lighter weight.
    I remember a general formula somewhere about seconds improvement per pound, but even without it, we both know that running up a hill is easier without that extra 12 pounds.

    Might as well report in to my coach right here.
    On the Slenderella hill this morning. I walked up first (15:15)
    Down (10:03) Up (11:31) Down (9:59)
    Yea! It's coming along nicely.

    Edit: Oops, I just saw that my original post had my 3rd mile at 8:59)
    Yeah, I wish! LOL
    880 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/27/2017 12:16:15 PM
    880 days ago
    You're pretty amazing, at any age. I do understand the vanity though, but share your reservations about surgery etc...
    880 days ago
    Right there with you. Being able to wear last years shorts is a testament to perseverance and vigilence
    880 days ago
    It has been inspiring to follow your blogs over the past few months as you halted the weight creep, turned it around, and now actually hit a milestone weight. This is exactly the message I needed to hear on a Monday morning. I have found I am able to maintain in a range, but it's time to get more serious about the portions and the planning and do the work. Thank you.
    880 days ago
    My dear, you are beautiful!!!

    I had to laugh. I was grocery shopping and the kid packing my groceries asked if I want help getting to the car with the bags. I know, I know . . . he meant well. But then I said, "Hmmm....then I'd have to take you home w/me, because I have to get the groceries from the car into the house!" He laughed. Made me smile. Don't think I look frail, but guess the gray hairs made him think I am.
    880 days ago
    Vanity is most definitely why i don't like pictures of me. I like to think that i look better than I actually do!
    880 days ago
    In vain is being healthy than I hope to achieve high marks in vanity!
    880 days ago
    I hope I look as beautiful as YOU when I am 67! You amazing Super woman! emoticon
    So proud of your faithful talk and walk - YOU inspire all of us...:::and your spirit shines...which is so unusual to find in this world.

    emoticon Keep shining my friend, Laura
    880 days ago
    Good on ya - you got this!
    880 days ago
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