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Democracy Dies in Darkness

Saturday, March 25, 2017

A new current events thread seemed appropriate. Some miscellaneous observations of recent goings-on. Feel free to ignore me, quibble, or hijack this thread as the spirit moves you. If you expected a nutrition, exercise or weight loss blog, move long. This is not the blog you are looking for.

Democracy Dies in Darkness - I love the new masthead of the Washington Post; seems so fitting for our times. In recent days with the exposure of the wiretapping charge as a baldfaced lie, and then the retention of Obamacare, a match was struck in our collective national nightmare of a coal mine, and the canary was found with its heart still beating. Imagine.

Attempt at the Herding of Cats - We see that the Republicans can no more agree on legislation in their own collective self-interest than the Democrats could 7 and one half years ago. It is interesting to watch our inept government in action (or inaction). Obamacare, flawed though it is, owes its flaws to political compromise. The Republicans failed at reaching the same measure of internal, political compromise. Let them continue to fail.

Executive Orders, Extreme Budgets and Psychopathic Tweets, Oh My - These drive me crazy. All of them. This man remains a dangerously unhinged, grossly unqualified and (now wait for it) treasonous narcissist. And it's only just beginning.

London Terrorism - This horrible news occurred exactly where we were and spent a lot of time, when tourists there almost two years ago. We loved London and everything about it and would welcome the chance to revisit. Where the funds might come from is something different, but its so troubling that people can self-radicalize by watching YouTube videos online. Should these be censored? Not an easy question.

The Things - Strong spring semesters are being enjoyed. They came home for spring break and left again a week later, like hurricanes headed up the coast and inland, respectively. Thing One landed a hard-fought summer internship with a worldwide advocacy group for child safety in consumer products, such as toys and foods. She will be working with their lobbyists and social media people. She just came off a short-duration lobbying internship with Amazon. Thing Two is deciding between two summer internships: a video game developer (where he gets to "Beta-Test" new games) and another which will be better experience but less fun. Yes, we are proud of them.

At work, lately we've been getting some nice new contracts with the food industry of an environmental compliance and waste minimization nature. Hit the canned or frozen vegetable aisle, or bagged salads, or even pretzels and potato chips - or even bottled water - buy something and realize you are putting Thing One and Thing Two through college and they thank you!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Applause for your efforts here! Workin' towards 2018 myself. We must stay strong!
    1346 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

    That's how I feel. SO ready to move to Barcelona or somewhere.
    1346 days ago
    Congrats on the kids doing so well.
    Loved your synopsis of our present federal government.....hopefully people will now wake up and change the make up of Congress at the midterms.. assuming we last that long!! emoticon
    1347 days ago
  • PICKIE98
    Captain Obvious: Was I the only human on the planet that noticed and blogged about any person who hides their head under an old-fart Elvis "do" should never be trusted. If they hide their own head, what is next???????????????
    BTW, the original Thing (Lurch) would be so proud of your Things!
    1348 days ago
    emoticon my bossy friend!

    Good news about Thing 1 and Thing 2! My own Thing 1 has chosen his grad school and got a very nice assistanceship. Sadly, it is in a very ugly little town in Ohio where he will NOT have an apartment if I have anything to do with it! Thing 2 is still living in the room next door but has been more active than usual with a forge project - I mean literally, blacksmithing and jewelcrafting.

    And spring is on its way, with the promise of pool season to come!
    1348 days ago
    As frustrating as these times are, I am still inspired because a force has truly been woken.

    1348 days ago
    I give up even knowing what the psychopath, sociopath, idiot, lunatic, female groping a$$hole in the White House is doing because it has given me ulcers and stomach trouble, no lie. He breaks so many laws, is being investigated for so many ethnic violations yet he is still President. I just shake my head and say only in America, or should I say Nazi Germany.
    1348 days ago
    All I can do is shake my head and totally agree with you. **SIGH** And pray . . . . does that really work? We shall see.

    Congrats to Things One and Two! Proud Parent Moments! wishing them much luck in their respective internships. We surely need someone with a heart and intelligence involved in advocating for child safety!
    1348 days ago
    About sums it up. Things aren't much better here in the UK either. 650 MPs and most of them are incompetent at best!
    1348 days ago
  • no profile photo ROSSYFLOSSY
    Well summarized!👍
    1348 days ago
    I feel for you. On the bright side, our prime minister has nice hair, lol
    1348 days ago
    Very timely observations
    1348 days ago
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