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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Good news, not pregnant! \0/ My absentee period was brought to you by PCOS, not a whoopsie baby. I'm fortunate that my body and my family goals are very much in alignment. HA!

Anyway... went to my appointment today... anxiety was through the rafters, BP was IN the rafters... discovered that the staff are super friendly and easy to laughter... I've got to go have labs done on my day off next week. Yum!

So... I'm not pre-diabetic, but I'm peering over the precipice. Hiss boo, boo hiss.
The scale there put me at 187 point something. I gave it the ol' stank eye as I stepped off.
Not pregnant!
Had a chat about my anxiety and such, and we're going to try a med for that AND a med for my BP to bleed off a bit of water retention... pee off? Y'know what I mean. :D
My veggie consumption needs to increase, and I need to schedule walkies for after dinner... which will be a challenge as I usually wait for Jonathan to get off work for dinner, and right now it's almost dark when he gets home. No safe places to go for walkies after dark... and dragging him out to join me will be tough.

But you know what's going to be tough personally? Sacrificing art time for fitness time. Right now if I'm not working or sleeping I'm making art. I'm INTENSE about my art. When I'm not arting I'm fidgety and upset and all thrown off whack. I'll be honest, if it's between working out and creating something I'm creating something.

THIS IS WHY I WANT A BASEMENT AND FITNESS STUFF. So I can have an onsite spot I can work out super fast and get back to letting the Muse do with me what She will.


The one thing that had me rolling my eyes... like, seriously, if I were a peacock I'd have rolled my hundreds of ass-eyes... in the paperwork I got this "pledge" sheet where I picked my concern about my health, answered what I thought was blocking my path and how I'll overcome it, and making a pledge to be better. DUDE. I had to put down the pen and give myself some space before I went full sarcasm. If you know me, you know my thresh-hold for "cheesy" is super low. Like, scraping the ground. This SMACKED of cheesy. DRIPPED of cheesy. I wanted to pour this over noodles while muttering "liquid goooooold" cheesy. Dangerously cheesy. *snort* It works for some, not for me. I run on pure snark and sarcasm; I don't do pledges and cheering. I almost folded it up and shoved it in my purse, fully planning to feign ignorance if asked about it later.

SO... that said... I do apologize for the disjointed word salad. This is coming down off my anxiety, so... Long story short, I have found people who are kind and understand my plight, I have taken the first steps to grabbing my health by the short-n-curlies, and while I'm just this side of pre-diabetic, retaining water, and have a hard time controlling my BP, it is all fixable and reversible. :) Now watch me as I grump and complain and snark my way back to acceptable A1C, normal BP, regular menses, and weight of about 150.
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    *LMAO* OMG, but what fun we'd have poking eachother and trying to make the other one break first! XD I imagine the pair of us would be finishing every sentence with some form of "IN A VAN DOWN BY THE RIVER!!"
    546 days ago
    I so like your attitude. We could stand side by side rolling our eyes and asking "seriously? You want preschool contracts?" I promise I will brush my teeth everyday. Cross my heart. We should not be in the same group at a motivation seminar
    607 days ago
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