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My birthday is almost here & im getting my mind ready for it! Lol

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Wed 22 2017 Working out each day and tracking food- eating low cal and avoiding stuff with wheat or sugar Trying de stressing techniques still need lots of work on this Should try to add 15 mins of meditation or "easy" yoga each day Time will tell - gotta keep at it!! I'm turning 38 on Saturday - right now dying my hair (hence the picture of my head in a shower cap to keep the color heating while it works its magic!) & bleaching my arm hair, soon whitening teeth, & will do self tanning All in the name of beauty ugh But hope to take it easy on Saturday in terms of my food - will buy healthy & delicious Japanese sashimi to treat myself and help fight cravings before my (soon) 7 yr old son's birthday party (he is having it the same day as my real birthday in the evening :) ) and I will allow myself a small piece of each cake we are going to have there (he wants us to have 2: 1 cheesecake because we love cheesecake & 1 chocolate because he thinks the kids will like this better - I might tell him we have to plan to have just the chocolate one at the party and then on his REAL bday day which is April 4th we will get a very small cheesecake for the family to have a little while he blows out his candles again. Less expensive than 2 big cakes we would need to get if we brought them to the Birthday and had to share with all the kids who decide they like cheesecake and then a few bites into a piece decide they don't like it and waste it! I have to see what my son says but i think it's best because either way we are going to be needing to have a little cake for him on his true birthday day) anyhow, I will also maybe allow myself a small slice of pizza and workout on Friday & Sunday extra hard Weigh-in will be Monday but I have to try not to freak out if the small amount of bday party food I allow myself makes the scale go up slightly - just don't get demotivated and do not fall off course- just work out extra hard all week to make up for it Need to work on sleep habits badly But I love my "me" time, my solitude of the night, waaaaay too much I would feel MORE depressed if I gave it up, it's when I play video games and relax (after I do my evening workout of course!)
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