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-There is a Time That is Right-

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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

This is a right time for everything.
For some it may be getting started or stepping it up.
And for others, a time to slow down.
Whatever place you are, make the wise decision that is right for you.

Since starting a new chapter of life, it is exciting since I retired 2.5 months ago! Life is good ... Love the reward of luxury and having time for things that interest me..... no clocks ticking loudly telling me to hurry up and rush out the door. ....(btw: I collected wrist watches while working ... and now giving away .... I refuse to wear them now)

But then came the unexpected change. My husband first noticed and commented. He asked why I was still in the "A drive, pushing and making demands on myself as if I did not realize I no longer had to rush through my day trying to accomplish so much. He added, "you still have not retired or slowed down as you are putting in a hard day's work yet while your mind is racing in high gear, your body is not." He noticed how tired I seemed, and asked, "Why don't you relax and stop feeling like you have to accomplish so much?"

I had to get honest with myself. My energy level at this time is suffering. I was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue which feels like major burn out! Now I have to temper that drive, pace myself, and respect my body that has carried me many miles over my lifetime.
And I admit to some feelings of sadness and disappointment at first.

I have found for me "more is not better" after all. After working very physically demanding coupled with my own task master personality, I admit to burning the candle at both ends, for many years and I can't honestly say whether this is temporary or permanent but I do know my body had enough pushing and unreasonable demands .

Consider All:
Ever seen those parents walking briskly while dragging their toddler in hand and poor child's arm is being jerked on ......Is the expectation reasonable?

Would you take an elderly person for an outdoor walk, and expect them to keep up and walk for an hour because YOU can? ....... Or would you be sensitive and adjust to their pace......

Or take your pet dog who is older in years and expect them to run hard as they did as a pup?
Just some common sense ideas .... Life changes and so does our body and our needs.

Today ....
I realize my mind needs to get in check and synchronize with my body.
And slow down, take rests ... and find quiet time.

I am finding some balance .... and not putting expectations on myself that I was able to comfortably do ten or twenty years ago. One Coach blog I read brought assurance in suggesting ... why not shorter bursts of activity .... so instead of a grueling time at the gym .... which left me exhausted the next day .... I take that idea ..... Now shorter times of exercise .... and I listen to my body and stop ...More for me is not best. . Nice I can still find time for activity .... but in smaller increments, I pay attention to my meals and portion sizes.

If you are a younger person reading this, make hay while the sun shines and do all you can with your health and fitness now. There is an old adage that says, "It is never too late to start" ... Could be true for some ... But why wait until later ... Go for it now while you have the energy. That is not something one can take for granted.

Isn't it funny how we start out slow in life with those baby steps .... but slow down in those latter years. Seems the in between years go fast and furious cramming in all the things we can into one day ... I accept change and treat myself to enjoying the beauty in each day. That's something I did not always do while living the rush work force. I am content now in this new chapter .... stopping and pausing long enough to smell the roses.

Don’t wait for Tomorrow or for the Right time.
Find the moment Now while it is Today ....
And you will make it Right.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Hmm... I'm into my early sixties, and I'm trying to push myself harder each year (after a largely sedentary middle age thanks to work commitments) to make sure I keep fit and active. It's a difficult balance...
    487 days ago
    You scared me with your blog today Jan. I am 6 months away from retiring. My husband is saying to me now (he's retired) "you move to fast, you are going to have a hard time in 6 months when you don't have to look at your watch" (I too have amassed a great collection of watches). I am fearful I won't know what to do when I am not punching that virtual clock any longer. This gave me pause. Thank you.
    571 days ago
    585 days ago
  • AMBER461
    Congratulations on your retirement, interested blog, thanks for sharing.
    588 days ago
  • NATALIA_123
    emoticon emoticon
    590 days ago
    emoticon I hope that you enjoy this new chapter of your life!
    599 days ago
    emoticon for writing this blog! It was a BIG reminder to let go of all of my non essential sparkpeople activities! They were affecting my mental health. Reading sad blogs was depressing me further, and leading a team was too much of a burden! I know now what to do, downsizing sparkpeople to fit my needs.

    601 days ago
    I retired last February every day is a weekend. !! I worked in a pharmacy for 27 years, I still cringe when the phone rings , I cannot handle it when the insurance companies call to sign up for health insurance, I dealt a lot with insurances. I do not miss going to work, I have another part of my life that I am entering. now
    Enjoy your time and learn to relax have fun !!
    601 days ago
    I have learned the hard way (more than once, sadly) that I have to listen to my body while it whispers to me rather than wait until it becomes a screaming banshee right before I crash and burn...
    601 days ago
    We always need to modify/change... if we're not losing weight by eating hamburgers/tacos and fried chicken, then we need to change our way of eating. If we have disease, injuries, than a marathon is probably not the exercise for us.... it sounds like you are making changes! And that makes you a winner.
    603 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    603 days ago
    Ditto BOWDIDDLE!! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on retirement. I think you'll have no trouble pacing yourself and accepting the change. My mother said to me when she was in her 70s that she didn't know why she couldn't do everything like she always had. She was so busy raising 5 kids and being an active community volunteer, that never thought about life slowing down. I think with every season of our lives, acceptance of that time for what is important to do or not do is crucial whether it be the years of raising kids, becoming an empty-nester or retirement. emoticon emoticon
    603 days ago
  • JUNEAU2010
    I'm getting close to retirement age and am still reconciling my mind to the fact that my body wants to slow down. This is not easy. I remember many years ago sitting in a waiting room for a blood test or something like that and the elderly gentleman sitting next to me said, "Getting old is not for sissies." I have no idea why he was there, but I understand better and better as time goes on what he meant!
    603 days ago
    i'm not sure I ever pushed myself nor accomplished much. I am retired almost a year now and still not getting much done. be happy that you had so many productive years and enjoy what you have now. thanks for sharing
    604 days ago
  • HOLLYM48
    There is more change for me going on at work and I am not thrilled about it but I will wait and see how it all plays out. I understand about adrenal fatigue as well since I went through that a few years ago and learned a really good lesson on pacing myself and not getting stressed over situations I couldn't control.
    Be kind to yourself and slow down a step at a time!
    Big hugs!
    604 days ago
    Sounds like you are finding your way through retirement. It is an incredible life change. No, I am not retired! I know when the time comes I will enjoy every moment! I hope you do as well!

    As always, I wish you good health and happiness. emoticon
    604 days ago
  • _CYNDY55_
    emoticon emoticon
    604 days ago
  • no profile photo INCH_BY_INCH
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    604 days ago
    604 days ago
    604 days ago
  • no profile photo DENNYJO25
    So true...Congratulations on your retirement.
    604 days ago
    So totally agree. Thank you for your post.
    605 days ago
    The beautiful thing about learning is no one can take it away from you :)
    605 days ago
    emoticon emoticon for the reminder to slow down and smell the roses.
    605 days ago
    Good advice. Thanks for posting. Blessings to you.
    605 days ago
  • JERICHO1991
    Time to get moving, right now.
    605 days ago
  • MAREE1953
    605 days ago
    Fellow Type A says thanks for sharing!
    605 days ago
    emoticon Moderation and balance in all things.
    605 days ago
  • no profile photo AKROXIE
    Learning how to relax is so important, just as getting enough sleep helps keep you healthy. Glad you are learning it now before something, like illness, makes you learn. Enjoy smelling the roses! emoticon
    605 days ago
    I really enjoyed your blog. I retired three years ago and it's taken me until recently to feel like it's okay to not accomplish major tasks every day but to take some time each day to relax and appreciate the present. Even now I still feel guilty at times. However, I wouldn't trade retirement for anything. I love the feeling of freedom to be in charge of my own life. You're developing the right attitude sooner than I did. I hope it helps your health.
    605 days ago
  • HOTROD53
    Love your blog! I retired almost 2 years ago and am loving every minute! I love that I can decide what pace I want each day! Still feels like an extended vacation to me and wow, did I ever love vacations when I worked. So just enjoy your retirement as a vacation! Best wishes for you and congratulations on getting to retirement! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    605 days ago
    Sounds like retirement came just at the best time for you,
    it is great you can slow down and enjoy your day.
    605 days ago
  • MBPP50
    Great blog sweetie. Slow down and get out of that hyper-drive mode. I was forced to by physical limitations and I railed against it at first but have learned to pace myself so I don't start hurting and get so tired I can't function for days. Enjoy your retirement! emoticon
    605 days ago
    Very well said. I know quite a few retirees that are constantly running on overdrive. Take time to breathe.
    606 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    Thanks for the reminder i dusted off my color book and crayons .
    606 days ago
    606 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    606 days ago
    606 days ago
  • AURA18
    This says it all to care for your health and loved ones! emoticon emoticon "Rush Force" sounds thrilling and there were many intangible rewards! Wonderful Weekend emoticon
    606 days ago
  • no profile photo MCGRATHCM
    Thank you for sharing. I, too, retired 2 1/2 months ago. It takes time to develop a more relaxed attitude. Slow me down, Lord!
    606 days ago
    emoticon So wise to adapt to a slower pace...::glad you are finding your own balance and enJOYing your journey.

    ...::and on that note emoticon ...::it's time for a cuppa tea and a good book. emoticon , Laura
    606 days ago
    Great article. I agree with you. I love to read, and just finished a book about living in the Now, don't think about the past and say "what if", don't think about the future, that leads to worry. I do remind myself now to live in the Now. My husband tells me .....you jump over the Grand Canyon several times a day trying to solve problems that Might happen. Why waste you time thinking about something that probably won't happen. Some habits are difficult to break, but I'm happy to try living in the Now. Retirement is wonderful.....we earned this time to do whatever we want. emoticon
    606 days ago
    I hear you! I am a type A, a driver, a do-er, and a business owner, who's living depends on my skills and brain. I have found that no matter what else, I must have at least a few minutes in the morning for me, for my brain, for my soul if you will, or I can't keep doing the rest. So I visit SP, and rather than try to visit all my SP friends' blogs and feeds, I read what I can, and accept that everything (except work, apparently in my own twisty-turny brain!) is a compromise. I take a few minutes to read at least a couple times a week, it makes my heart happy. Right now, I am enjoying reading Tom Sawyer again- last time I read that was when I was about 8.
    Breathe, notice the sky, the grass, the smell of the air, even if it's just for a moment. Those are what give your soul the strength to do the rest. It really is true that "To every thing there is a time and a season", we just have to open our eyes and our minds enough to recognize when the seasons are changing. emoticon emoticon
    606 days ago
    Wow.....I can so relate! emoticon

    Thanks for the reminder....stop and smell the roses! emoticon

    I'm also working on short bursts of exercise. emoticon

    Thanks for all the time and effort you put in to The Treasure Trove! emoticon
    606 days ago
    I'm trying to learn from others because I retire next year after 29 years of rushing. I'm making small changes now and plan to fully enjoy my life. Thanks for your insight.
    606 days ago
    Oh how I enjoyed your blog! Confession to ones self is weight lifting isn't it? Being honest with one's self about limitations, failures, successes....feels so damned good because it brings real life into reality and unreal expectations where they should be. For me, confessing about how I'm doing makes me take a big giant step forward in life. Love you to pieces my friend.
    606 days ago
    606 days ago
    606 days ago
    I enjoy my me time. I hate to clean and need to get organized for a schedule. Maybe this will help. Any ideas?
    606 days ago
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