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Nephew, Square Dance, and Running

Sunday, March 19, 2017

This morning nephew and I did a little over 5 miles. We jogged a bit, but mostly walked. I was letting him set the pace and he had a pain in his leg that didn't affect him when walking, but limited our running. He said he just has to get the extra weight off. I'm having a hard time accepting that I can't run the speed I ran in 2012-14. He's gained back 64 of the 71 pounds he had lost. He's about 9 minutes a mile slower than he was. He's having a tough time accepting where he is right now in his fitness and I certainly understand that. He is back on medicine to control his diabetes when he had controlled it with diet and exercise for several years. It is so easy to slip. He is working long hours and one day a week he has to be at work (he drives an ambulance) at 3:30am. He is in EMT school and has had some struggles. He lives with his father who is a difficult person at best. Some of his deal is stress eating; a lot of it is convenience, lack of cooking skills and facilities. He had great success following the McDougall plan which is vegan and no oil; he eats lots of potatoes, pasta and oatmeal on this plan. He doesn't think the way I eat is healthy, (I do believe in healthy fats and am not vegan) so my offers to cook for him are not accepted. I have paid for his Weight Watcher membership for about 5 years. He goes, but doesn't get it. Sigh. I've told him this is the last year I can pay for it. Just really want good things for him, but I can't do it for him.

I'm glad to report that the other grandparents have the granddaughters until 5pm so that Gary and I can go to a square dancing for beginners workshop today. It's in Plant City, about 15 miles away, in the town where I grew up. I hope we know enough to participate well. I have to be willing to make a fool of myself in order to even try! It does get Gary some activity, so that is good. It is fun when I get it right. It does make me appreciate running even more; I always know my next step!!

Yesterday I ran 5.5 miles with my Galloway group. I went with the fastest group, which ran a little over my training pace, with :45/:30 run/walk. My next choice would have been :15/:30 run/walk and just too slow for me. I think I made the right choice. We then went to DisneyWorld. I set a new record for number of steps in a day, 39,739! That is over 20 miles, in case you were wondering.

Do you count your steps? What activities get you the highest step count??
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    I have lots of different things wrong with my back, legs and hip. I do as much steps during the day as possible. My weight is down and one pound away from goal. I can understand how you worrying about your nephew but you can't do more than you are already. Hopefully he will wake up one morning and snap back to his health self.
    943 days ago
    I can remember my daughter sitting me down one day and telling me to stop helping her because she needed to make her own mistakes. That was an eye opener! She asked me why I do the things I sometimes do. After much thought and consideration, I explained that I hate to see her struggling and encountering things that are painful. In my effort to help, love and protect, I was actually hindering her growth process. I think that is what makes parenting and nurturing so difficult. I'm glad you set a limit for WW. You've been more than generous with Martin. I think he needs to just struggle and find his own way. It is such a hard thing to watch but it is a part of his growth process. He knows that if he seeks you out, you will be right there to support him and cheer him on.
    943 days ago
  • no profile photo CHAYOR73
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    944 days ago
  • NANCY-
    How kind of you to be so supportive,
    944 days ago
    Being available to guide your nephew is great. Like you said, you cannot do it for him. It's difficult to see loved ones struggling. It's their journey and their lessons. The work is theirs, not ours. The choices are theirs, not ours.

    Hope you and Gary enjoyed the square dancing. We used to square dance years ago. It's been so long, I'd need to re-learn.

    I have a fitbit that counts steps. But, movement for me continues to be minimal. I broke 50,000 steps for the week for the first time since ??? I'm certain it's been well over 2 years since I've moved that much in a week.

    945 days ago
    Yes, sometimes as sad as it is, the truth of the matter is, we can want the best for our loved ones but if THEY aren't going to do the work . . . . well, it isn't going to happen. Glad you help guide him as best you can.

    945 days ago
    I'm glad you got to go to the square dancing class. What fun.

    One day, it might 'click' for your nephew. It is hard but one cannot do it for someone else.
    945 days ago
  • HOLLYM48
    You are amazing. Keep being there for your nephew, but you are right, he has to choose to do it, you can't do it for him.
    945 days ago
  • _LINDA
    Sorry to hear of your nephew's struggles :-( Hard to believe he thinks all those carbs are good for him :-( He can't remember what he was eating when he lost the weight? You can only do so much and you tried. Just have to make sure the door is always open. Paying for the Weight Watchers is a waste of time if he won't follow it.
    When you have fully strengthened your weak areas (the injury prone ones), perhaps once again you can work on speed. You said you feel stronger, but are you really all the way there yet? I know I sure feel areas not up to snuff. The little niggling muscle pulls or tightness. The things that just don't feel quite right, not sore, but just not the way you want them to be.. Rehab takes time and care so as to not reinjure and go back to square one.
    Congrats on the steps, that is just phenomenal! Square dancing would be such fun, but yes, worrisome if you can't keep up with the steps, but it is beginner, hopefully they will go easy on you!
    I count steps when my Fitbit decides to work. I haven't put up big numbers due to sore feet and they all come from indoor workouts because of the poor outdoor conditions :-( I miss my gym workouts. Hope to be home soon and that its passible to get to the gym on my scooter (not risking the icy sidewalks and streets)
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    945 days ago
    Fitbit counts my steps... my top days are usually days that combine multiple things: a training run AND sight-seeing, for example. I think my highest total ever was last April in Boston when I ran and then tramped around the city with OVERWORKEDJANET. Another high day was back when you and I did the Dali museum in St. Pete the day before the half marathon, and all the walking around AFTER the half marathon.

    Ah, big step count days are often memorable for other reasons as well!
    945 days ago
    You have been such a help to your nephew. It must be so tough to see him struggle. But you are right -you can't do it for them! I hope you have fun square dancing. It can get quite complicated! That is one high step count! Hiking gets me a lot of steps, usually.
    945 days ago
    Wow! You put me to shame with all your exercise. I'm still working on walking any distance over a block. I'm feeling blessed I am even walking at this point since my accident. Twice in my life the doctors said I would not walk again and here I am able to go grocery shopping. I love that you help your nephew and he joins you in exercise. You are right though - if he doesn't get it with WW there is no sense in paying for it any longer. After five years he should know the program and could do it on his own. I don't count my steps. Imagine I would be at 300 or so. I consider that good for me. I'm trying to let my food plan help me lose weight, especially the 30 pounds I gained when I was not able to do anything. Have a great Sunday. We have all the family coming over for lunch.
    945 days ago
    945 days ago
    DisneyWorld will pack on the steps for sure!

    Keep on keeping on!

    Make today the greatest day of your lifeā€¦
    emoticon Until tomorrow!

    945 days ago
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