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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

I'm still a little sore from my races on Saturday, and I didn't expect to be. But it is okay. I don't practice that power walking very often and the muscles it taxed (glutes, piriformis) are ones that need to be strengthened. So, more power walking this next year!

Sunday I was suppose to run with my nephew, but he had a migraine and did good to walk. He just got glasses for the first time in his life on Friday and I think he's not adjusted to being able to see well through lenses. We did 5 miles and I wasn't sad to go his pace considering my soreness. Monday I just took off, but I did get about 25,000 steps, so I wasn't totally a slug. Today I walked the mile to the trail, ran-walked an easy 4.5 miles, and walked home.

My next race is the Mayfaire 5K, 7pm on Saturday, May 6th. Usually the heat has really rolled into Florida and often this hilly race, down to the lakes and up between the lakes, is hot, but scenic. Some northerners tell me we don't have hills, we just have inclines. But these inclines really get me! Mayfaire benefits our local art museum and brings out lots of walkers, strollers, non-serious participants. Some years it is our largest local race with over 1600 participants. There are fireworks after, great bands, food trucks and a real party atmosphere. I trained hard for the Senior Games 5K and did not quite meet my pace expectations. This race I may just run for fun and not sweat the speed. My body kind of feels like it wants to back off a bit. So, I'll run 3 days a week rather than 4 for a while. Speed work is hard. Running at the pace my body wants to go is such a joy. I don't want to forget that!

For the last 6 weeks I've followed a plan exactly, with no choices, and sometimes had to run in bad weather or had to run in my neighborhood as hubby had the car. At 3 days a week running I have many choices. Have my group run on Saturday, then I can run Monday-Wednesday, Monday-Thursday, or Tuesday-Thursday depending on my child care duties (changes depending on DD and DSIL's schedule) and other obligations. For now I'll also go out with my nephew on Sunday mornings (before the kids come for child care), but his fastest right now is just 18 minute pace (I power walk at 12 min per mile), so even when he is run-walking I consider it an easy jog-walk for me.

For the next 30 days my top priority is my physical therapy, with stretching twice a day and strength every other day. Will make an appointment for mid-April with therapist to get a more challenging healing workout.

My trending weight today is 128.65. Wouldn't mind going down another pound or two, but basically I'm pretty happy with that weight. I'm going to need to work to keep it there. Constant vigilance, with flexibility for what is going on in my life. I'm planning on more big batch cooking and freezing more of my own foods. Hubby likes to eat out more often than I would choose, including every Thursdays before our dance lesson. Got to continue to plan restaurant meals as well as I can.

So there' s my run, strength, and food plans for the near future. Having a plan, but being flexible are keys to my success!

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