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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

I was going to come on here ranting and raving about the Sparkpeople changes but I see they are already rolling back or fixing a few of them, so now my rage is subsiding.

I will say this: you don't go flipping a rug on someone without a little warning and thought given to the process.

I know there are a few people new to Spark, people who are struggling or don't know where to start. Completely changing the site functionality with no warning on people who honestly are in a vulnerable state is not good customer service. I'm probably a little sensitive because I work closely with web/UX for my job, but it was a major bummer for me/made me question my usage of Spark and I can't help but wonder how many people were affected more than they know. Also - why is communication so hard? Did I miss an email about changes? Where is the handy guide for how to navigate the changes? What about a special forum board to collect feedback? Was there even a beta test? So many questions lol.

Last comment on this: Spark's emails aren't even mobile responsive. Start there first guys!!!! The site wasn't broken, channel your energy on things that ARE first, especially ones that have such a huge impact on users! Approx. 56% of all emails are opened on mobile now, think of how many spark users you could be rubbing the wrong way! Just sayin'. # END RANT #

Now to move on to a positive note: We got a Dash Rapid Egg Cooker and this thing is amazing. They could hire me right now as a spokesperson because I have nothing but positive things to say. It is really going to change our consumption of protein/eggs! It makes perfect hard boiled eggs in 15 minutes flat (10 if you're just making 1-2!) I made an egg/egg white omelette in it as well this morning super easy, very fluffy. Apparently this thing can steam veggies/edamame/shrimp.... I am all over it!

Besides that, I hit a little roadblock last week. I had a medium level flare up of endometriosis, enough to put me down for a few days, followed up with my stomach going nuts again. This stomach thing is becoming worse even though I've gone 95% gluten free. I'm lettuce wrapping my sandwiches, eating straight carrots for snacks, etc and STILL gained weight and still got sick a few times. I don't go see the GI doc for 2 more weeks but something isn't right and I'm starting to get worried. I'm going to keep at the gluten free thing but man this isn't fun and I'd like to feel better.

We had a mess of a snow/ice storm here overnight. I think my exercise today will be clearing this HEAVY snow. Can't believe we made it all winter, the trees and flowers started blooming, and BAM the white slippery stuff!

My focus now is to get back in the swing of things. Get back up and do my workouts in the mornings. Keep packing my food and cooking at home whenever possible. I've been at this since January and have only lost 5 lbs. I am trying not to be discouraged but it is hard. I keep thinking maybe one day something will click and it will start going down. All I know is that previously I wasn't working out at all and eating like sh!t, and now I'm trying and nothing seems to be coming out of it. You'd think getting at least 10k steps every day and staying in you ranges would do something but for me, nada. Sorry to be a bummer. I'm just not sure what to do. I don't want to stop trying (yet). Do I do 2 work outs a day? I don't want to stop eating. Never leave my house on the weekends or have meals with friends? Sigh. This is probably just the green monster kicking in from logging on now and seeing nothing but "Omg I lost 5 lbs this week!" posts in the (clearly) curated everybody's posts feed. But some days it is hard for me to sick with this and I just don't understand the lack of results. Alright enough of my whining! You get it.

And now probably the best part, Miss Beatrice, here to fix Spark even though she has no thumbs:

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    1022 days ago
  • SLEE103
    no joke...when I read this I pulled up a new tab and bought the egg cooker lol. I like eggs especially when they aren't over done and I would be far more inclined to make them with this thing, so thank you for introducing it to me! As for the other stuff, I KNOW you can get back into the swing of things. Its going to be springtime and the weather will be wonderful and that just makes everything better ;)
    1101 days ago
    Hate to tell you but my endometriosis totally messed up with my digestion - the extra tissue glommed onto my intestines and would totally mess with my digestion during TOM. So consider that as a possible cause of your stomach woes. (It sucks, doesn't it?)
    1113 days ago
    Keep at it! I was just feeling this way yesterday. I'm active again and eating sooo much better! Maybe the Doctor can help. Hormones tend to make you hold onto your weight for some stupid reason!

    Spring is here!!!! emoticon

    When it gets nice let's start walking!!!! emoticon
    1115 days ago
    You sound like my daughters. They BOTH have egg cookers and LOVE them as much as you. I've got enough appliances. (said the lady who was the last to buy a microwave.. actually an old neighbor gave me her old one when she updated her kitchen.)
    On the site changing.. they had not done that in ages. I'm not sure I agree with this change but at least it gets people searching the site and seeing all the available resources. I'll pass on the info about Sparkmail. The more addicted to my smartphone I become the more I would like to be able to do everything from there, including posting on my teams.

    1120 days ago
  • no profile photo CD1540230
    1) Yay for that egg cooker. I bought a steamer several years ago that has special plates for eggs and that's the ONLY way I make my "hard boiled" eggs. I do about a dozen in 23 minutes. BING! Done. And they peel perfectly every time.
    2) it's SOOOO freaking not to hard to compare yourself to others. But, the key is consistency. Be consistent with your eating and fitness. Set ground rules. Go out with friends, but set rules on what you can have. If you have a whole weekend planned with dinners out, then one dinner gets to be your treat and the others have to be salads (no croutons, dressing on teh side, etc). Limit the amount of drinks you have over the weekend. Maybe it's 4 drinks per weekend, so Friday you have a drink and Saturday you have 4. DONE. And set exercise goals. 4 days per week of elevated heart workouts and maybe 1-2 of a total body muscle-related workout (and maybe group some of the days together). Setting rules like this is what helped me keep moving. The scale only moved 10-15lbs for me, but I dropped 2, almost 3, sizes, just by being consistent to my rules. I still enjoyed life and balanced my health.

    You can do this, I totally believe in you!
    1121 days ago
    1121 days ago
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