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Friday, March 10, 2017

Tomorrow. Tomorrow I'm running a race I've been training for ever since I ran the Celebration Half Marathon on January 29th. I had a 6 weeks training plan. I ran every training run as scheduled, 24 specific runs, 4 per week. Proud of myself! I hit the paces for the speed work. I'm especially proud of the 15 quarter mile repeats I did in the rain, on a less than ideal course. My weight is the best it has been in over 8 months, just 2.4 pounds over my PR weight. I've done all I can do to prepare myself physically within the time frame I had. I believe I am ready to run my best 5k race since 2014.

Now it is time to prepare my mind for the race. I recognize that in my slowest races, I copped out. Excuses. I let myself off the hook. It wasn't my day. I hadn't been able to train as I wanted (injury, illness, life). I knew I was not going to amaze myself with my time. I did not run as well as I could have.

Not tomorrow. I'm ready to do well. I've done all I can. And truly, I love to run!! I love being a fit old lady. I want to be as fast as I can be. I'm ready to enjoy every step, warm up first, start out at a reasonable pace, push when I need to, appreciate all the volunteers along the route, appreciate the many seniors with very different fitness levels competing tomorrow, to use mental images and mantras and enjoy the gorgeous scenery of this race off a high school track and through a beautiful park and back to the track and a stadium with cheering supporters!!

It will be 65 degrees at the start. My walking races at 10am and 11:20 will be warmer - up to 80. I've got a tank top skirt outfit set out that I expect to wear for all 3 races. Not new, but nice. Haven't totally decided on the running shoes. 3 choices; all good; I'll decide. My Forerunner 10 running watch isn't working; got hung up on a software update and I'm going to need to call to get it reset. But not today. Not going to worry about it. Probably can run better without the pace right in my face anyway. I've got the alarm set for 6am. I need to be there by 8am for the 8:30 5K run. I have snacks and towels in the car already. I'm now visualizing my race, planning my mantras and, hey, I think I will run to music tomorrow. I have a pocket for the MP3 player. Why not? Sometimes I do. It's good except when the earbuds fall out. Think I've got some good ones, although they don't match. So what!

Here's an article I just reviewed and I think will help:

Several of my friends will be running, too, including 80 year old Fritz, who will outrun me and place for sure! And one of the things I'm looking forward to is the 3rd race. My good friend Leon from Senior Dance will be there, 90 years old, and so very spry. Can't wait to see him celebrate another victory, too!!

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