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Bonkers Weather, Bagpipes, Bullet Journaling. Today was brought to you by the letter B!

Thursday, March 09, 2017

I have decided that indoor walking workouts are not my thing. Sure, they get the heart rate up and get the job done, but the entire time I've got two thoughts playing Pong in my brain.
One, I feel ridiculous. I should be outside.
Two, any minute now my downstairs neighbor is going to bang on my door...

Yes, both of these could be solved by, y'know, GOING OUTSIDE... but this is Michigan and she be a fickle weather state... and it's snowing again. Not much, nothing accumulative, just flakes here and there... but I'm not going out in the cold and taking my chances. Knowing my luck I'll aggro my asthma and knock myself out and I can't take time off work right now... seriously, I leave for a day and the place comes crashing down, I swear. *lol*

Yoga videos, however, are perfectly satisfactory. :)

Anywho... be proud of me, people, for I Adulted yesterday and set up an appointment to get myself a Primary Care doctor. We need balloons, confetti, and a big "I did it!" sticker to wear on my chest. I should have done this YEARS ago. I found somewhere where there's a doctor who has great reviews and regularly treats PCOS... and best of all, she's not associated with Lakeland. For those playing the home game Lakeland is THE association in Southwest Michigan, and it's a hawt mess. Hawt. Mess. Avoid it if you can. So, my appointment is in two weeks, and I'm in turns excited and terrified. Excited to be finally doing right and getting my health in order, and terrified that I'm going to find out my health is far worse than it seems and I'm looking at horrible treatments and debt to my ears...

My hope is that I take after my mom more than my dad. Mom had her annual checkup a few months ago and is perfectly healthy. Her numbers are great, her hypothyroidism is well managed... now if only we could get her to wear her glasses all the time. Ha! She's nearsighted in one eye, far in the other.

I'm hoping that the pain in my wrists isn't the degenerative bone thingie I was reading about. I hope my foot pain is because I stand/walk 10 hours a day on cement floors. I hope my clumsiness is just a quirk and not a sign of something much worse.

Aaaaaaanyway. I haven't drank any form of soda since last Christmas. I've kept a reign on the foods in my kitchen save for the Girl Scout Lemonades but I stuck to the serving size which was easy as the Lemonades are pretty big cookies so two is perfectly satisfactory. And according to my Misfit which I've been using since Christmas Eve I've covered almost 200 miles, and that's mostly just from work. almost 23% of California's coastline, almost 3% of the moon's circumference. :D I love stats. Also, I've been adding like crazy to my... well, I hesitate to call it a "vision board" because that sounds corny as all hell, but my wall of inspo, as it were. It's snarky and fierce and bootstrappy and at times hilarious... I find all these great things on Pinterest that I save, print, and tack up like "Do sharks worry about mondays? Hell no, they're swimming around, biting things, reminding everyone that they're a SHARK."

Unfortunately, weight wise, I've yet to break out of the 180's. Eh, win some lose some.

And speaking of wins, I started taking Lemon Balm again for my anxiety. I stopped because I ran out and couldn't be effed to hit up the vegetarian store for more, and because I wasn't sure it actually helped. Good grief, my fight-or-flight was out of control, I jumped at everything, I was freaked out by everything, my BP was all wonky, AND I suffered that mad panic attack... but now? I've been on it for a few weeks and I'm So Much Calmer now. I can lay in bed and drift off and NOT be startled at the sound of my boyfriend walking down the hall to the bathroom. Going out to run errands is less scary (but still annoying and a total drag because it's still peopley out there). I'm not squirrley and anxious on my way to work. And speaking of work, while I still get beyond annoyed at loudness and rudeness and unsupervised children I'm no longer getting to that breaking point where I need to hide out in the office before I hit my trigger point and start lashing out. IT'S FANTASTIC. And until pot is fully legal in my state (or I somehow magically end up with a medical card) I will be keeping up with the Lemon Balm even if I have to go crazy out of my way to get to it. I'm not totally anxiety free but I'm so much better than I was.

Oh, and ear plugs have saved my life, yo. Not only do they block out all the random noises that Jonathan makes when I go to bed before he does, but they keep his snoring from waking me up and making me bug out to the couch. WIN! The snoring is partly in due to a previously broken nose that cuts off air flow on one side. He knows he should have it repaired, but he doesn't want to be fussed. I'll wear him down someday. ;) Thanks to the earplugs I sleep ALL the way through the night, and thanks to Tartanic for the blessing of their song Steam Train to Mallaig, for I have set it as my alarm tone and I'm getting up to the rousing sounds of BAGPIPES. Yaaas.

Seriously, it's the one sure thing I'll hear through the earplugs. *LOL* And amazingly enough, Jonathan sleeps through it yet will come straight awake to the gentle opening baseline of Sick Puppies' Long Time Coming, which is his own alarm tone. Go figure.

My next hurtle is to call the oral surgeon back. *shudder* I finally got in to see about my broken molar and it's going to end up being that plus my wisdom teeth, all four, to the tune of almost two grand out of pocket. Luckily I qualify for Care Credit and I'll have no problems paying it off in a year, and now that we're in the new fiscal year my out-of-pocket should be far less. Last year I used half my dental allotment at the regular dentist getting cavities filled and old fillings replaced. I've got a checkup next month. Joy. *snerk*

What else... hmm. It's hard to remember seeing as I only blog here once every few months... must rectify that. Oh, Emily and I went for walkies along Lake Michigan about 3 weeks ago. 60 degrees in February is bonkers, but the lake was calm and the sun was shining and it was absolutely glorious. Now? It's snowing. Heh. I can't wait until it's consistently nice out and Em and I can work out some kind of walkies schedule.

And last... I'm taking up a modified kind of bullet journaling. I finally got a book and some washi tape and pens and all and I'm going to use it instead of the loose-leaf notebook I made for my goal tracking. The notebook was great but it's bulky and I can't easily tote it... and I often forget to update it. Usually I go through several ways of doing one thing before I find the thing that clicks, and I'm hoping this is the one. I've tried computer logging programs, basic journaling, charting, all sorts... here's hoping bullet journaling is the one. :D

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    Hiya LOSEDAPOUNDS. :) I started taking the lemon balm for the BP originally but it's done wonders for my anxiety. I also take magnesium supplements after reading how it's helped some with PCOS. I haven't the faintest idea if it's helping but it's not hurting so... Good times!
    733 days ago
    Good for you for making that doctor's appointments. Fingers crossed you got your mom's good health! Great job avoiding soda and exercising moderation with the girl scout cookies. (I cannot-especially with thin minds or samoas!)

    Had no idea lemon balm helps with anxiety! Magnesium does too. I try to eat things like pumpkin seeds and nuts, but I also have supplements. It helps with migraines too and I definitely notice the difference.
    747 days ago
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