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Thursday, March 09, 2017

I wrote a big long blog yesterday on why I want a service dog and i forgot to hit the 'post' button... yeah, so when I got up this morning and clicked it, it erased all I had written. Service dogs are trained to do so many things that will be helpful to me, enabling me to live for once instead of being so very anxious about everything. I love dogs, and have always had big dogs till now because I'm waiting on getting a service dog, have been since 2014. My husband signed me up for several waiting lists, I just have to be approved or disapproved to get on the list. I've also got my GoFundMe campaign, though it is not doing so well. And I'm saving my own money. One way or another, I'm going to get a service dog. emoticon

My therapist said she, 'had me covered' where the service dog is concerned and turns out she does not. I think she was just trying to make me feel better the day after I got out of the hospital. Her intern has some information on service dogs for me, but I have no idea what that is. I had my hopes up, she made it sound like I just had to say the word go and it was a done deal. I love her to bits, but she really had my hopes up and I was crushed when I talked to her about it yesterday. I covered it up, but ouch.

Read an article on things to think about before you get a service dog. Some of those things are going to be hard for me, but I think worth it for the dog. Did you know people will just up and pet your service dog without asking?! How rude! For all the stuff you have to take with you I'm basically going to have to get a something like a diaper bag to take everywhere with me. I don't mind though, I'll get a pretty one from Thirty-One. And I didn't think about the groomers... You have to stay with your dog all of the time, and that is something that groomers are not used to. You don't want your dog put in a pen to dry and they can't use the restraints when trimming your dog's nails. Oh boy. I'm going to have to find a place that will let us have monthly or quarterly visits set up where I can go in the back and be there for my dog to get her bath and nails trimmed and all that mess that they do. I wonder how hard it will be to find a place that will do that and still be close to me. We'll have to be the first appointment of the day. It will have to be a day when I don't have to have the kids with me. There is going to be a lot of juggling in my future. But that is okay. I think having the service dog will be worth it.

The article is here:

I don't mean to be going on about this so much, but it is what is consuming most of my thoughts. I know my hospitalization could have been prevented if I had the dog. DH agrees. There is just so much that a service dog can do, including getting help when you need it. So my dog would have woken up my husband that night instead of me suffering in silence because I was afraid to ask for help. I know the dog is not going to be a cure-all, I don't expect her to be. But she will be a help and that is what I need.

I'm almost over this head cold I think. I could sleep without having something to help me stop coughing. I slept in bed instead of on the bean bag! Yay! But my husband has it now. Drat. And both of my kids are starting to sniffle. Not good. I think I'll give myself a day and then start working out again, slowly, just 10 minutes, on Friday if I feel like I can.

My kids are helping around the house a lot so I'm going to get them something special of their choice today. It will probably be a paint by number so that they can't paint with me and out to eat lunch because they deserve a treat. They have had their rough spots but for the most part they have been wonderful helping out since I got home. I have been overwhelmed with being sick and being depressed since I got home from the hospital, I've not had the energy or want to do much. I have such wonderful kiddos I want to show them how much I appreciate them. emoticon

Off to get some grocery shopping done and get something to show my best friend that I appreciate her too.

Hope ya'll have a wonderful day! emoticon
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